Why does your 91 mazda 626 squeak when it is started cold and then stops after a few seconds?

Bud Rutherford asked a question: Why does your 91 mazda 626 squeak when it is started cold and then stops after a few seconds?
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Why did my 1992 ford ford ranger stops woking why i am driving.

🚗 Mazda protege makes squeak when turning?

A creaking sound when turning your steering wheel may be nothing more than a sign that your suspension system needs lubrication, but it may be a sign of something more serious, including tie rod damage, power steering rack damage, or a failing strut/shock.

🚗 Why does my mazda 3 squeak?

Common reasons for this to happen:

Failing Water Pump Pulley: The most common cause of squealing or squeaking from the timing belt cover is the water pump pulley. If the bearings in the pulley are beginning to fail, they will make noise.

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Is it a belt? You're most likely hearing a slipping alternator belt. It should either be adjusted if it's loose, or replaced if it's glazed, worn or cracking.

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Transmission works fine until it gets hot. it then stops working. 1995 mazda 626?

Check the 1995 626 transmission fluid for a burnt smell. Check in front of the radiator, and insure that the transmission cooler fins are clean. Have a computer code check performed to see if any internal transmission codes show up.

Why does 1987 mazda truck miss fire when cold start?

Start with a good tune up. Could be a bum spark plug or spark plug wire.

Why does truck roar when slowing down but stops when truck stops?

It cause down shifting is making the engine roar most trucks hardly use a jake brake

What happens when a mazda radiator fan stops working?
  • When it stop working the aircond gets warm and the car get heated. I have sent it to authorize Mazda service center and they think that nothing is wrong (as the fan still working) and reset the car ecu. After a few days driving all of a sudden the fan stop.
Why does my bike squeak when i brake?

Squealing brakes can occur for a number of reasons. Often, contamination can give rise to a nasty noise when you hit the anchors – oil or grease on the wheel rim, brake pad or rotor or a misalignment between the braking surfaces can cause a squeal, or perhaps you have new brake pads which may need to bed in.

Why does my bike squeak when i pedal?

These super common sounds are usually due to DIRTY or DRY bearings. You'll often find that after riding your bike for a while or in harsh conditions these noises start to creep in. Areas to check if you're hearing these noises would be: Crankset/ Bottom Bracket.

Why does my truck squeak when i accelerate?

Chirps. If you hear a chirping or squealing noise when you accelerate, it usually means a belt is loose and slipping or the drive pulley for an accessory has become misaligned.

Why when your mazda protege stops at a light the ac starts blowing warm?

It's due to your car not having freon go and get it charged. The cold air is from you driving!

Why does my. mazda mpv start then die?

First step check fuel pressure with gauge at rail. Boost may work when you turn key but pump may be out.

What would cause a 2002 mazda b3000 to overheat for 10 seconds and then return to normal?

Bad thermostat

What to do if your mazda key fob stops working?
  • The key fob for your Mazda has a built-in chip that’s programmed so your security system will both recognize and accept it - allowing you to open your doors. You obviously use your keyless remote to open your Mazda door because it is convenient. When it stops working, the first thing you want to do is fix it.
Is mazda better then honda?

Opinion's, opinions. The engine could be considered better; but the looks could be better to another person. It's based on human thought and that persons thought. It just depends on what you think of it, but if you were to ask me, I think the engine would have to be better for most cases, but looks matter also.

84 ford truck runs fine when started but then dies when you hit the gas?

Get rid of ur module distrbutor and duraspark box and a older distributor like 78 on the truck and a old wiring harness.

Why does my bmx bike squeak when i pedal?

The reason why BMX bikes squeak is because of metal-to-metal contact on components. That contact may be created by corrosion, lack of greased parts, ill-fitting and loose bolts, or a dry chain.

Why does my truck squeak when i drive slow?

Worn wheel bearings might squeak when you drive slowly

Another possibility of a squeaking noise when driving slow is worn wheel bearing which can be fixed efficiently by a trained mechanic.

Why does my bike squeak?

So, why is my bike squeaking? Generally one of those places, seat, bottom bracket, wheels or derailleur. Now, if the derailleur is grinding or not moving, that requires tuning of the derailleur and that's something that can be done at home. We send a lot of bikes out that require or have gears and sometimes people have to tune them.

Why does my truck squeak?

Why do my brakes squeal in reverse?

  • If your brakes squeal in both forward and reverse, these may be the source of the problem. Your wear tabs, located at the end of the brake pads, can rub against the rotor to create this noise, and this can be an indication that your brakes need replacing.
What to do if your mazda keyless door remote stops working?
  • You obviously use your keyless remote to open your Mazda door because it is convenient. When it stops working, the first thing you want to do is fix it. Before you head off to buy a new remote, there are a few other things that you can do to try and get it to work again. Simultaneously hold the open and the lock button down for 60 seconds.
What does it mean when your mazda beeps?

Whenever the knob has been turned to the maximum dim position, it will beep to alert you. This is what some owners have reported as being a cause for the mysterious beeping coming from their Mazda. To fix it, simply turn the knob so that it is not at the very dimmest level.

Mazda 323 motor runs then stalls?

My Mazda 323 86 does the same, i think its a vaccuume hose missing. Otherwise oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, water in petrol tank. More but too varied question.