Why do trucks have not for hire?

Norene Bruen asked a question: Why do trucks have not for hire?
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The “Not For Hire” myth: It is not uncommon to see “Not For Hire” graphics on trucks and horse trailers. The idea behind this is to avoid certain Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations… Nor will it protect you if you are driving a vehicle and trailer that requires a commercial license.

In the U.S., if you see a big truck going down the road and there is a sign on the door that says 'Not for hire', it means that the truck is operated by a 'private carrier' and the truck hauls only that company's products.


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  • Yes , U-Haul hires full time drivers to move trucks from various locations to other locations. For example, a location that's popular for people to move to will have an excess of trucks, so they need to move them to locations that are short of trucks.

🚗 Do not for hire trucks have to stop at weigh stations?

When it comes to driving a motorhome or pulling a fifth wheel or travel trailer, it all depends on the GVW… As far as pulling a trailer with a pickup truck and the trailer does not exceed or have a GVWR of more than 10,000 pounds, and you are not for hire, you will also not need to stop at a weigh station.

🚗 What does for hire mean on trucks?

Updated August 13, 2019. "Carrier for-hire" means that a person or company provides transportation of passengers, regulated property, or household goods for compensation. For-hire carriers transporting passengers or goods between states require a Department of Transportation (DOT) number and a Motor Carrier (MC) number ...

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Why do trucks say not for hire? In the U.S., if you see a big truck going down the road and there is a sign on the door that says ‘Not for hire’, it means that the truck is operated by a ‘private carrier’ and the truck hauls only that company’s products.

A company truck follows different regulations than a commercial truck for hire. A company can get into trouble for crossing those, even when it is an employee doing it on the side. Putting a "not for hire" sign makes it a little harder for the employee to moonlight, and makes it clear to everyone involved they were doing it on their own volition.

Another example of "not for hire" would be a construction company that owns a semi truck and trailer to move its own equipment from job site to site. They aren't allowed to move anybody elses equipment for money. if they did, then they would be "for hire" I always get a tickle when I see the RV folks who put not for hire on the side of their rigs.

Not for hire simply means that they do not have (and cannot obtain) an ICC/DOT number. Ie: the vehicle is NOT used for any commercial purpose, EVER. There are tons of folks that place this on their vehicles in an attempt to skirt the law, they all get caught eventually.

A “Not For Hire” sign on your rig will not protect you if it is determined that your truck and trailer fit into the commercial category or are being used for commercial purposes. Nor will it protect you if you are driving a vehicle and trailer that requires a commercial license. A recreational vehicle exemption does not always apply:

He was on the big slab doing 68 in a 70 and got pulled over and was issued a ticket for speeding, no log book, and no inspection sticker. It clearly states on the truck and trailer not for hire, private. It is also on the registration of the truck listed as Motorhome. The motor vehicle officer picked on the wrong guy.

So you’re always hearing about the ‘truck driver shortage’ and reading articles about how hard it is for companies to hire and keep qualified drivers. So why is it that you’ve applied for numerous trucking jobs and no one seems interested in hiring you? Why Can’t I Find A Trucking Job? There are errors on your DAC report.

He said that every state legislature has early bills that clearly state the “for hire” requirement to invoke the motor vehicle code. He then added that the statutes, which are not law, just reference to law, has conveniently removed /dropped the “offered to the public for hire” language.

U-Haul’s largest moving truck is its 26 ft. rental truck, which can hold up to 7,400 pounds and also comes with the ability to tow a trailer. You can also purchase your moving supplies from U-Haul. Whatever you need for moving, U-Haul has it. The rental truck company offers customers a wide assortment of moving supplies and add-on services.

Motor homes and other private (non-commercial) vehicles are generally exempt. For example, if you see a race-car team drive by, you’ll often see “not for hire” on the side of the cab. That suggests the vehicle is exempt from the fuel tax charges and keeps other trucking companies from soliciting their services.

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