Which bmw motorcycles have can bus?

Rory Borer asked a question: Which bmw motorcycles have can bus?
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We've installed our CAN bus controllers in many bike makes, i.e. BMW R1200 RS, BMW R1200 GS, BMW K1600 GT, BMW F800 ST, KTM 1290 Superduke, KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

The following bikes are confirmed to use Canbus electrical systems: BMW F650GS, '08- F800GS, '08- F800S* F800ST* HP2 Enduro HP2 Megamoto HP2 Sport K1200R K1200R Sport K1200S K1200GT, -'05 R1200GS R1200GS Adventure R1200R R1200RT R1200S R1200ST ...and most other R and K series bikes 2005 and later.

  • G 310 GS.
  • G 310 GS - Edition 40 Years GS.


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CAN, which stands for Controller Area Network, is an automotive standard and is not BMW-specific. Details on the CAN protocol can be found on the web. The data pathways (physical wiring, generally) used by the CAN are sometimes also referred to as the CAN-bus. The control modules (ZFE, BMS-K, and I-Cluster, plus ABS and DWA, if present) use the ...

BMW R1200GS (R1200) motorcycle CANbus system. CANbus (CAN-bus / CAN bus or buss) – what is CANbus, how it works and how it affects you when you want to add electrical accessories or make other changes to the electronic systems / electrics of your BMW R1200GS motorcycle. CANbus technology has been used in automotive industry for some years.

The first motorcycle to have Can-Bus was probably the Ducati 999 back in 2002. BMW started it with the R1200 in 2004. The Classic K-bikes did not have 'real' Can-Bus. Can-Bus allows most all the various computers (& things that are peripheral, but not a computer) to 'talk' or 'communicate' with each other in both simplified AND complex manners.

BMW S1000R CANBUS Port BMW motorcycles have a few CANBUS ports. Some are up front for accessories such as lighting and GPS. However, on the S1000R there is also a port under the passenger seat that is for the factory alarm option.

We’ve installed our CAN bus controllers in many bike makes, i.e. BMW R1200 RS, BMW R1200 GS, BMW K1600 GT, BMW F800 ST, KTM 1290 Superduke, KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Read more about CAN bus accessory controllers in our Blog Posts:

--For BMW motorcycles with or without CAN bus technology-Charging via motorcycle socket or, as an alternative, using the enclosed adapter cable, directly at the battery terminals of the motorcycle battery--Fully automated, in accordance with the charging characteristics stored in the microprocessor

Exceptions were BMW, which were using CAN-Bus and OBD since years, due to their closeness with cars. And, as far as I know, Yamaha started with CAN on their R1, since the data recording on the track became more and more important. Many Yamahas from then on, also got the CAN stuff. As I found, the MT07 also has it, for example.

All Harley Davidson motorcycles from 2013 and later have a CAN BUS. Many BMW Motorcycles from MY 2008 and later have a CAN BUS. Here is a CAN BUS connector for Ducati, BMW and Triumph motorcycles.

I should add that BMW changed the diagnostics interface on their 2016 bikes from CAN-bus to Lin-bus. This adapter cable above is for the CAN bus interface as I have tested on my 2015 BMW F800GSA. I don't know if a Lin-bus version of this type of solution exists.

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