What weighs more; an african elephant or a blue whale's tongue?




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🚗 What weighs more an elephant or a lorry?

It depends on how big the elephant is, how big the lorry is and what the lorry is carrying- if it is carrying anything.

🚗 What weighs more a bike or a watermelon?

depends on how heavy the watermelon or bike is :D

🚗 What weighs more a truck or a train?

Trains. The heaviest train weighed upwards of 43,000tons , while the heaviest trucks weighed upwards of 1,300tons.

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A blue whale because a blue whales tongue is as heavy as a elephant. Wiki User. ∙ 2011-08-01 08:05:20. This answer is:

A Blue Whale’s Tongue Weighs More Than An Elephant ! do you know what the biggest animal ? that’s ever lived is no it’s not a dinosaur it’s alive today and …

Bottom Line. This fact seems to be partially true. Based on the sources cited above, it appears that a blue whale’s tongue of 6,000-8,000 pounds can weigh around the …

“Most elephants,” said the cap, “weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.” We all gasped, that can’t be. “How can a whale’s tongue be bigger than an …

We've gathered our favorite ideas for A Blue Whales Tongue Weighs More Than An Elephant, Explore our list of popular images of A Blue Whales Tongue …

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? That is enough to fill a 12-foot by 10-foot swimming pool at a depth of 7-feet. A blue whale’s tongue alone weighs as much …

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A truck weighs about 30?

Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ A concrete truck loaded with concrete weighs about 30 tons. About how many pounds does the loaded truck weigh…

A truck weighs about 3?

Class 4 - Medium Truck. Class 4 is the category where conventional heavy-duty pickup trucks reside. With a slightly increased weight limit from Class 3 (up to 16,000 pounds) and average curb weight ranges between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds, medium trucks are the bread-and-butter of the truck world.

A truck weighs about 50?

Class 5 trucks weigh from 16,001 to 19,500 pounds, and include Ford F-550, large walk-in trucks, delivery trucks, bucket trucks, and cherry pickers. Class 6 trucks weigh between 19,501 and 26,000 pounds. These are medium-duty commercial trucks such as single-axle, beverage trucks, and rack trucks. School buses are class 6, too.

A truck weighs about 5?

Some of these heavy-duty trucks have a gross weight of over 26,000 pounds and transport about 5,500 gallons to 9,000 gallons of liquid and gas. When carrying waste, you should expect around 26,000 pounds of waste weight. On the other hand, a light-duty truck has a capacity of 100 – 1,000 gallons, with a gross weight of about 12,000 pounds. 4.

How many times more does an unloaded truck often weighs that of a typical car?

Two to three times more

Are black colored motorcycles more dangerous than blue?

Are black motorcycles more dangerous? Motorcycle accident–related fatalities account for 1 in every 8 deaths on the road. And a new study suggests that blacks are at higher risk than whites: for every two white motorcyclists who die in accidents, three of their African-American counterparts do not survive. What is the safest color for a ...

What to do if your motorcycle weighs too much?
  • If you’re afraid your motorcycle weighs too much for the motorcycle carrier, you can try taking some large and heavy items off the bike such as side panels, windshields, luggage bags, etc. and put those in the back of your car. Click here to see the specific motorcycle carrier I recommend in my list of suggested ways of towing.
How much truck weighs for shredding?

How much does a mobile shredding truck cost?

  • $49,000 – $59,000 Entry Level Mobile Shredding Trucks include a 10 HP conveyor fed industrial paper shredder, in either a strip cut or a crosscut. A cart tipper is recommended for increased efficiency and the shredder discharges into 40-gallon bags that you can stack floor to ceiling.
Maximum trailer tongue length?

When the tongue gets to the 40″ to 46″ length, that seems to be the sweet spot. The blue frame flatbed trailer pictured at the top of this article has a tongue length of 72″. That is really nice for stability and backing, but it does make the trailer unreasonably long in some circumstances.

Trailer tongue motorcycle carrier?

A motorcycle carrier does not reduce the tongue weight capacity of a trailer hitch like a hitch extender does. So if the tongue weight capacity of the hitch AND vehicle is greater than the combined weight of the bike and motorcycle carrier then you are within the capacity and will be good to go.

Are red trucks more expensive to insure than blue?

Not only is the myth that red cars cost more to insure altogether false, but car colors themselves also are not a factor in car insurance in general. You may have a personal preference for a vehicle’s color, and there are some reasons to believe that red cars are more likely to get tickets or be pulled over because the color makes the vehicle more noticeable.

6000 pounds truck weighs how many tons?

6,000lbs=3 tons

A cargo truck weighs 8 750 pounds?

5 tons equals 10,000 pounds (2,000 pounds per ton). The truck weighs 8,750 pounds. So 10,000 - 8,750 equals 1,250 pounds of cargo can be added.

Trailer tongue surge brake maintenance?

The perfect solution to removing all the play is new pads and bleed the system to ensure no air bubbles are trapped in the lines. If you have a leak in the brake line system, you might find that one of your trailer wheels- on the inside of the wheel will show you where the leak might be with residual fluid in your rim.

A truck and its load weighs 4.9 tonnes*. if the load weighs 425 kg, what's the truck's mass?

Solution: 4.9 tonnes = 4900 kg 4900 - 425 = 4475 4475 kg = 4.475 t

African twin motorcycle?

Africa Twin Engine Type 1084cc liquid-cooled Unicam® four-stroke 22.5º parallel-twin Bore And Stroke 92mm x 81.5mm Compression Ratio 10.1:1 Induction PGM-FI electronic fuel injection (Throttle By Wire) Ignition Full transistorized ignition

What should the tongue weight be on a truck?
  • Just the right amount of tongue weight (between 10-15% of GTW) will reflect a balanced line from the front of the truck to the back of the trailer with the coupler between the truck and trailer nearly level.
A dump truck weighs 11.25 tons when empty?

A dump truck weighs 11.25 tons when empty a conveyor belt pours sand into the truck at a constant rate of 1/4 ton per minute until it's full. let T represent the elapsed time in minutes. Let W represent the weight of the truck after T minutes.

How to figure how much a truck weighs?

How much weight can I put in my truck?

  • All three terms refer to a pickup truck's load capacity. For example, a half-ton truck's springs, chassis, and bed are designed to safely carry a maximum of 1000 pounds or one-half of a ton. Most manufacturers have stopped using weight-related terminology to describe their pickup trucks.
What kind of truck is blue blue thunder?
  • Blue Thunder is a monster truck owned by FELD Entertainment, currently driven by Matt Cody in the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series. The truck started out as a sponsor for Built Ford Tough for more than a decade, before being turned into a full time Monster Jam concept truck in 2013.
What happens if a truck weighs too much at a weigh station?

Most weigh stations force drivers to “shut down” their operation if a truck weighs more than 6,000 pounds over maximum gross weight. Not only would you write a check to fund the salary of the officer who caught your driver, he would lose time and money waiting until another truck arrives to unload the excess weight.

What is a good size bike for someone who weighs 100 pounds?

at 100 pounds weight will not limit your choice in bicycles. For you it's far more important that the size of the bike matches your size(=length) you don't want to be all hunched up, and you don't want to be too stretched out either. Do a net search for "bicycle fitting" and you'll find a few sites telling you how to size a bike according to some measurements from your body.