What motorcycle was used in lawrence of arabia?

Margarete Abshire asked a question: What motorcycle was used in lawrence of arabia?
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The British soldier, diplomat and Arabian adventurer died in 1935 after an accident while riding the Brough Superior SS100 near his Dorset home. His love of the motorbike will soon be celebrated with the release of a Brough Superior model called the Lawrence.


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🚗 Lawrence of arabia motorcycle?

Lawrence of Arabia’s 1935 Brough Superior SS100. Apparently this is the only display in the Imperial War Museum that has its own separate room. T. E. Lawrence owned 8 Brough motorcycles over the years. Lawrence was a very keen motorcycle rider. He did a lot of riding and apparently much of it was at fairly high speeds.

🚗 Lawrence of arabia motorcycle sold?

Lt Col T.E. Lawrence on his motorcycle; a Brough Superior SS100 (Picture: PA) Among the most expensive bikes ever sold at auction, this Brough Superior bike broke the record for the luxury...

🚗 What did lawrence of arabia call his motorcycle?

Lawrence's Motorcycles

A ninth Superior was being built for him at the time of his death. He traded in his old one when he bought another and each was named Boanerges, a biblical name defined by Lawrence as 'sons of thunder' or George, possibly a reference to their builder George Brough.

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