What motorcycle did they use in judge dredd?

Margaret Stehr asked a question: What motorcycle did they use in judge dredd?
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The Lawmaster, Dredd's motorcycle, was built on a Suzuki GSX 750 with an extended chassis. The Lawmaster in the Stallone-starring Judge Dredd, was too overbuilt to steer so the later film constructed a bike the actor could actually pilot, according to the Lawmaster Wiki.


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🚗 Motorcycle used in judge dredd?

Lawmaster motorcycles

The Lawmaster motorcycles in the 2012 film were built on Suzuki GSX 750s with extended chassis. The Judge Dredd film of 1995 gave the Lawmasters a hover mode to enable vehicular propelled anti-grav flight in order to pursue aviary criminals and perpetrators.

🚗 What is the name of the motorcycle used in judge dredd?

  • Flying Lawmaster variants exist in addition to the land based ones. The Lawmaster motorcycles in the 2012 film were built on Suzuki GSX 750s with extended chassis. The Judge Dredd film of 1995 gave the Lawmasters a hover mode to enable vehicular propelled anti-grav flight in order to pursue aviary criminals and perpetrators.

🚗 Who was the bike designer for judge dredd?

  • “ The design of the Lawmaster was a core concern for production designer Nigel Phelps and his team. Images of Dredd on his Lawmaster had sold the film to the producers, and the bike underwent multiple design iterations.

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The Lawmaster motorcycles in the 2012 film were built on Suzuki GSX 750s with extended chassis. The Judge Dredd film of 1995 gave the Lawmasters a hover mode to enable vehicular propelled anti-grav flight in order to pursue aviary criminals and perpetrators.

Here's Judge Dredd riding his lawmaster bike courtesy of 2000 A.D. Online (via io9): Dredd takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth .

II " is the standard pistol carried by the Judges in the film, including Dredd (Karl Urban) and Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), as well as Judges Lex (Langley Kirkwood), Chan (Karl Thaning), and Kaplan (Michele Levin).

The Widowmaker 2000 is a magazine-fed automatic shotgun. It replaced the older Lawrod rifles as the standard-issue patrol longarm. It is usually carried in the scabbard of a Lawmaster motorcycle. The full name in the comic is the "Colt Widowmaker ...

The Lawmaster is a street Judge's motorcycle. It has the ability to drive itself to any location on "automatic" as well as having automatic signal indicators and voice recognition (as long as the...

Judge (or Street Judge) is a title held by several significant characters in Judge Dredd and other series which appear in the British comics 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. In the fictional future history of the series, the role of "Judge" combines those of judge and police officer, thus avoiding long legal wrangles by allowing for criminals to be tried and sentenced on the spot. Since they overthrew the US Constitution in 2070, Judges have also held supreme political power in Mega-City One. C

The Judge's leather jacket is standard 'cafe' style leather motorcycle jacket , ... (Key Principal Costumer for the Dredd movie). "Master" jackets were made and then duplicates of those masters were made for the background and stunt costumes. While speaking at a discussion panel at the 2013 DragonCon Convention, Rob stated that it was a personal goal of the costume department to "create" as much of the Judge Costume as they could from scratch (i.e. not buying found items off retail store ...

From 1993 to 1995, Virgin Books published nine Judge Dredd novels. They had hoped the series would be a success in the wake of the feature film, but the series was cancelled after insufficient sales. [citation needed] In August 2015, these novels were re-released as e-books. The books are: Deathmasques (Dave Stone, August 1993 ISBN 0-352-32873-8) The Savage Amusement (David Bishop, August 1993 ISBN 0-352-32874-6) Dreddlocked (Stephen Marley, October 1993 ISBN 0-352-32875-4) Cursed Earth ...

Judge Dredd was honored with a television show starring his namesake in the early 1990s', I am the Law & Order. Judge Dredd was generally quoted as being satisfied with the show as an accurate depiction of his daily on-the-job routine, although he was often heard to say that the program could have used more on-the-spot executions. Miniopolis

There are currently THREE known sizes of Judge helmets used in the movie. Two male and one female. The two male helmets are virtually identical, as one of them is a '2cm cut-down' version of the other. The female helmet is custom sculpted and much smaller than the Male counterparts. This is evident in the 4-Judges Promotional Photo showing Lex, Kaplan and Alvarez standing next to each other. Helmet Colors. Here is a paraphrased quote from Robb Allsopp, Key Principal Costumer for the Dredd ...

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