What is a gaming trailer?

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Game trailer fundamentals

Your game trailer shows what the game is, and it has the power to drive emotion and interest before people get a chance to try out your game. It provides you with an arsenal of visual and audio tools to turn viewers into players.


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  • Game Truck is the original mobile video game theater. Game Truck offers the complete video game party brought to your doorstep via a trailer or truck. Each model accommodates up to 16 players and is perfect for parties.

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It is a climate control customized self powered 40 foot bus with Six 55” LED TVs with 6 XBOX ONE's, 6 XBOX 360's and 6 WII-U's system linked , covering one wall inside of the 40 foot bus in front of 35 feet of seating. so 24 players can play the same game against each other!

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  • The minimum you would expect to invest in a Game Truck location is $95,000. The most you would expect to invest in a Game Truck location is $110,000. $19,500 is the franchise fee new franchisees pay the franchisor.

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If your game already has a voice over, characters or cut-scenes, a game trailer voice-over is a must for you. But if it doesn’t, you may be confused on whether to use a professional narrator’s voice or not. Trailers must be designed and timed according to the script and displayed as big bold messages in-between scenes or as screen-overlay.

And so we have the modern video game trailer, a sleek and refined beast, the product of countless creative and calculating minds bending themselves to a single task: to sell an idea. Skip to main ...

Gameplay trailers, sometimes referred to as "in-engine" trailers, are made using the game engine and take place inside the game's actual environment. In theory, this implies that actual game footage is recorded and acts as a “what you see is what you get” demonstration, though it is not always the case.

Create a Gaming Trailer Video Online for Free. Create a high-quality gaming trailer using FlexClip - a powerful video maker. Numerous video templates are available here, which enables you to make the video with great ease. There are rich resources, including Music, Text, Font, Sticker, Overlay, etc. Give it a try now! Make a Free Video

The real impact of a trailer isn't just the graphics, though: it's the dramatic camerawork and music. I don't think you'll mistake a trailer for gameplay because of that.

Over the past decade, instead of cutting a gameplay trailer themselves, studios and publishers have pivoted to hiring dedicated production companies to produce CGI-filled trailers (in the gaming industry, cinematic trailers are often referred to being CGI trailers, due to the trailers not being representative of the final product) that characterize a game’s tone and themes, as well as its story.

Feel the highest level of excitement and utmost joy when you step inside our awesome party / gaming trailers! We provide party / gaming trailers that are specifically built to elevate your party and gaming experiences! Always get the right style in the right price. We have loads of party / gaming trailer nationwide for you to choose from.

Imagine this, for your next event, a game truck trailer with SIX or more widescreen high-def TVs covering the walls in front of custom stadium seats with built-in vibration motors synced to the on-screen action with speakers in front and back.

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