What happened to the 39 people in the lorry?

Wava Reichel asked a question: What happened to the 39 people in the lorry?
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Four men have been jailed for the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants found dead in a lorry trailer in Essex. The migrants died "excruciatingly painful" deaths, having suffocated in the container en route from Belgium to Purfleet in October 2019, a judge said.


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🚗 A lorry?

A lorry is a large vehicle that is used to transport goods by road. [British] ...a seven-ton lorry. regional note: in AM, use truck. Synonyms: truck, van, juggernaut, HGV More Synonyms of lorry.

🚗 What is lorry short for?

A 'Lorry' is, in American understanding, a truck. Word Origin and History for lorry. n. "a truck; a long, flat wagon," 1838, British railroad word, probably from the verb lurry "to pull, tug" (1570s), of uncertain origin. Its meaning "large motor vehicle for carrying goods" is first attested 1911.

🚗 What is plural for lorry?

noun. lor·​ry | \ ˈlȯr-ē , ˈlär- \ plural lorries.

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Christopher Kennedy, 24, from County Armagh, was jailed for seven years; Valentin Calota, 38, of Birmingham, for four-and-a-half years; and Alexandru-Ovidiu Hanga, 28, of Hobart Road, Tilbury ...

The bodies of 39 people have been found in a lorry trailer in Essex. The vehicle was found shortly before 01:40 BST at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, police said.

Essex lorry deaths: Maurice Robinson in court on manslaughter charges. A driver accused of the manslaughter of 39 people found dead in a lorry was part of a "global ring" of people smugglers ...

Lorry driver Maurice Robinson has been charged with the manslaughter of the 39 victims as well as people trafficking, immigration and money laundering offences.

Essex lorry deaths – what happened and who are the ... the Essex port where the lorry container carrying the 39 migrants ... that the port was being used by people smugglers because it was "less ...

The driver of the lorry, Maurice Robinson, 25, has been charged with 39 counts of manslaughter, conspiracy to traffic people, conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and money laundering.

Lorry driver Maurice “Mo” Robinson has pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants who were found dead in a refrigerated trailer last October in Grays, Essex.

Police say Mo Robinson will now be held for an additional time period of up to 24 hours. The lorry driver at the centre of a murder investigation ‘passed out’ when he found 39 bodies in his ...

A murder probe has been launched by police after 39 bodies were found inside a lorry container. The harrowing discovery from emergency services came on an industrial estate in Essex.

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