What does cst mean on chevy trucks?

Sadye Hintz asked a question: What does cst mean on chevy trucks?
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From 1967 through 1970, the top-of-the-line trim for Chevy C/K trucks was known as Custom Sport Truck, or CST for short.


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🚗 What does hd mean in chevy trucks?

2021 Chevy Silverado HD | Commercial Heavy Duty Truck.

🚗 What does c k mean in chevy trucks?

A C (conventional) in front of the series number designates two-wheel rear drive while a K designates four-wheel drive.

🚗 What does the k mean in chevy trucks?

Also new for 1960 was a new designation system for trucks made by GM… Since 1957, trucks were available from the factory as four-wheel drive, and the new class scheme would make this known. A C (conventional) in front of the series number designates two-wheel rear drive while a K designates four-wheel drive.

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First of all you are comparing trucks of different years that were offered with different,though similar,trim packages. C/10 means any 1/2 ton two wheel drive Chevy in either year. The CST/10 is a C/10. In 69/70 C/10 was also used to designate the base trim and in 71/72 the base trim was Custom/10.

What does CST mean? CST stands for Chevrolet Silverado Trucks (also Central Standard Time and 965 more)

The CST was a short-lived package since new package options were offered only at the start of 1971. CST Trim. Custom 1971-1974. Custom eventually became what Chevy called its base models.

Actual badging on Chevrolet trucks carried the series name system from the previous generation for 1960 and 1961: the 10, 20, 30, and 40 series (C and K) were badged as "Apaches", 50 and 60 series trucks were badged as "Vikings", and the largest 70 and 80 series models were marked "Spartans".

As with all things from this era of Chevy pickup, the word “original” is hard to police and doesn’t necessarily hold the same currency as it does in other collector spheres. Trim levels for the Chevrolet truck included base, Custom, CST (Custom Sport Truck), Cheyenne, Cheyenne Super, and Cheyenne Highlander.

Below is a comlpete collection of VIN Number Decoders for both Chevrolet and GMC light duty trucks from 1947 to 1987. The 1947 to 1972 Chevrolet Truck VIN decoders are HERE. The 1947 to 1972 GMC VIN decoders are HERE. The 1973 to 1987 Chevrolet truck and GMC VIN decoders are HERE.. Scroll down untill you find the correct year and make for your truck and decoding your VIN will be a easy task.

CST Iis the Central Time Zone. In everyday usage, CST is often referred to as Central Time (CT) or the Central Time Zone. This can add a bit of confusion as the term Eastern Time does not differentiate between standard time and Daylight Saving Time, so Central Time switches between CST and CDT in areas that use DST during part of the year.

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1996 Monte Carlo. 1996 Baratta. 1996 Cavalier. 1989 Chevy Blazer Colors. 1988 Chevy Colors. 1988 Blazer S-10 Colors. 1986 EL CAMINO/CABALLERO COLORS. Color Code. EXTERIOR PAINT COLOR.

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What does bbc mean in trucks?

BBC = Bumper to Back of Cab. BL = Body Length. CA = Cab to Axle. CB = Cab to Body.

What does pick up trucks mean?
  • A pickup truck or pickup is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. In Australia and New Zealand, both pickups and coupé utilities are called utes, short for utility vehicle.In South Africa, people of all language groups use the term bakkie, a diminutive of bak, Afrikaans for "bowl" or "container"…
What does ls mean on chevy engines?

What does LS stand for on Chevy engines? Both LS and LT were luxury sport and luxury touring.

What does lt mean on a chevy?

LT stands for Luxury Touring. Like LS, though, this original meaning has become less important over time, and LT is basically used to signify that this particular vehicle is a step above the base trim level.

What does lt mean on chevy colorado?

December 14, 2020. 581 likes 1330 answers. The LT for a Chevy Colorado refers to the trim level and it stands for Luxury Touring. This means that this model is better equipped for long drives and is not necessarily meant to be a work truck.

What does my chevy vin number mean?

Every Chevrolet car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more… The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Chevrolet.

What does hd stand for on chevy trucks?


What does k stand for on chevy trucks?

"C" denoted a two-wheel drive; "K" denoted four-wheel drive. Introduced for the 1960 model year, the C/K series was marketed by Chevrolet until 2002 in the United States (GMC marketed the series from 1960 to 1987).

What does ltz stand for on chevy trucks?

LT = Luxury Touring. LTZ = Luxury Touring Z. The Z represents it is the highest trim level.

What does wt stand for on chevy trucks?

WT stands for work truck and the Silverado 2500HD WT comes well-equipped.

What does z71 stand for on chevy trucks?

Z71 is the code that Chevy uses for their "offroad suspension package". WEA is the code for the "Z71 appearance package", which is fancy door handles and mirrors and such. SB7 is the code for the "Z71" stickers that you can get on the side of your Z71 equiped truc. When you custom order a car, you have options.

What kind of pickup trucks does chevy make?
  • Chevrolet has also sold or produced many compact/mid-size pickup trucks: 1 Chevrolet SSR 2003–2007 2 Chevrolet LUV 1972–1981, a rebadged Isuzu Faster 3 Chevrolet S-10 1982–2004 4 Chevrolet Colorado 2004–2012, 2015–current
What does c k mean in trucks?

Since 1957, trucks were available from the factory as four-wheel drive, and the new class scheme would make this known. A C (conventional) in front of the series number designates two-wheel rear drive while a K designates four-wheel drive.

What does cat mean on construction trucks?

(often shortened to CAT) is an American Fortune 100 corporation that designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. It is the world's largest construction-equipment manufacturer.

What does fh mean in volvo trucks?

The Volvo FH is a heavy truck range manufactured by the Swedish company Volvo Trucks. It was originally introduced in late 1993 as the FH12 and FH16. FH stands for Forward control High entry, where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres.

What does for hire mean on trucks?

Updated August 13, 2019. "Carrier for-hire" means that a person or company provides transportation of passengers, regulated property, or household goods for compensation. For-hire carriers transporting passengers or goods between states require a Department of Transportation (DOT) number and a Motor Carrier (MC) number ...

What does fx4 mean on ford trucks?
  • FX4 is only found on one particular model of truck - the Ford F150 FX4. It simply denotes a standard package of features which includes 4 wheel drive, locking differential, larger wheels, bucket seats, exterior trim and other things.
What does lariat mean on ford trucks?

It is my ynderstanding that the lariat label on the f-series trucks simply means luxury edition. It is only cosmetic differences such as leather seats, and a better stereo. It doesn't change the engine at all. 3 people found this helpful.

What does stx mean on ford trucks?

What is definition of STX on ford trucks

What does the h mean on trucks?

The "H" plate means that the truck in question is a "HPMV" (High Productivity Motor Vehicle) classified vehicle. It can run over weight (upto 62 tons, or over dimension upto 22.5 mtrs in length) under permit.

What does 2500hd mean on a chevy truck?

Now that we understand these two specific terms, we can talk about what you are looking for in a truck and whether or not you need a super-duty model, like the Chevy Silverado 2500HD (that HD stands for “Heavy Duty,” which is the same as super duty).

What does fleetside mean on a chevy truck?
  • What is a fleetside truck? Fleetside was the name Chevrolet gave its first wide pickup beds. Before 1958, all pickup boxes were narrow to accommodate separate fenders and a step for better access to inside the bed.
What does ls mean on a chevy truck?

LS stands for Luxury Sport. Over time, though, the relevance of its original meaning has become less important, and LS has become known as the base model for many Chevy vehicles.

What does luv mean on a chevy truck?
  • The Chevrolet LUV and the later Chevrolet LUV D-Max are light pickup trucks designed and manufactured by Isuzu and marketed in the Americas since 1972 by Chevrolet over four generations as rebadged variants of the Isuzu Faster and D-Max . LUV is an acronym for "light utility vehicle".
What does positraction mean on a chevy truck?
  • Both rear wheels of a Chevy truck with positraction (also called limited slip) will rotate when the truck is in gear. This means that there will be greater traction in all environments, as both rear wheels are turning under power.