What does amc stand for car?

Myrtice Cremin asked a question: What does amc stand for car?
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American Motors Corporation (AMC; commonly referred to as American Motors) was an American automobile manufacturing company formed by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company on May 1, 1954. At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S. history.


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🚗 What does jeep stand for?

So, to sum it all up; Jeep derives from the military term GP, which stands for General Purpose vehicles. The brand is renowned for its ability to continually produce excellent 4x4s, SUVs, and off-roading vehicles.

🚗 What does kia stand for?

Kia Name Origins

The first syllable of Kia, “Ki” is the Chinese word for “arise” or “come up out of.” The second syllable then, simply the letter “a” actually refers to Asia as a whole. So the full meaning of Kia basically translates to “to rise or come up out of Asia.”

🚗 What does mazda stand for?

“Mazda” means 'wisdom,' while “Ahura” stands for 'lord' in Avestan, an Iranian language. He was also the name of the Zoroastrian God. The Japanese have been strongly influenced by Zoroastrianism, which is known to be a peaceful religion. The company has stated that it was also named after its founder, Jujiro Matsuda.

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What does cbr stand for motorcycle?

Suzuki's GSX-R supposedly stands for “Grand Sport eXperimental- Racing”, Honda's CB stands for “City Bike”, and CBR is short for “City Bike Racer” (or “racing”) not for “cross beam racer”.

What does chevy c10 stand for?

The “C” in C10 indicates that the truck is a two-wheel drive model. The Chevrolet C/K series consisted of two-wheel drive trucks, labeled with a “C”, and four-wheel drive trucks, designated by the letter “K.” The C10 was the half-ton, two-wheel-drive model within the C/K line of trucks.

What does chevy cst stand for?

From 1967 through 1970, the top-of-the-line trim for Chevy C/K trucks was known as Custom Sport Truck, or CST for short.

What does chevy hhr stand for?

The Chevrolet HHR (an initialism for Heritage High Roof) is a retro-styled, high-roofed, five-door, five-passenger, front-wheel drive crossover designed by Bryan Nesbitt and launched by the American automaker Chevrolet at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show as a 2006 model.

What does ck stand for chevy?

Actually, the C/K symbol refers to a one-letter designation that Chevrolet and GMC trucks used from 1962 through 1998. The 1/2, 3/4 and 1-ton trucks pickup for these years would receive either a C or K letter, but not both. Any C pickup referred to a two-wheel, rear drive; K meant a four-wheel drive…

What does crf stand for honda?

Posted December 20, 2004. CR is Competition Race and the F is for Four Stroke.

What does dk bikes stand for?

DK Bicycles: We stem from a stem.

It all started in 1979 with a BMX rider and his father… Riders demanded it, and shortly after DK "Dad and Kids" was born.

What does dodge srt stand for?

SRT stands for “Street and Racing Technology”, but the SRT meaning goes deeper than that. Dodge SRT automobiles are made with the highest quality Dodge parts designed for high-octane performance.

What does ece stand for motorcycle?

ECE helmets, or helmets approved by the Economic Commission for Europe, are put through more thorough tests than DOT rated helmets and it's the minimum standard 50-plus European countries will allow for road-legal motorcycle helmets.

What does ford sca stand for?

Southern Comfort Automotive (SCA) Performance is recognized by their Black Widow, Chevy Reaper and other lifted 4X4 trucks. Although they are well known for bold graphics, fender flares and paint schemes, their products are more than just pretty.

What does four wheeler stand for?
  • An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is also known as “quad” or “four wheeler” and is meant for single-riders. A UTV (utility task vehicle) tends to be beefier and allows for “side-by-side” riding, which is why some simply call it a “side by side” or “SXS” for short. What does RTV vehicle stand for?
What does ftr stand for motorcycle?

The FTR gets noticed–and talked about–everywhere it goes. It's the ultimate balance of style and performance. Powerful enough to blast down the highway, but nimble enough to manage tight riding environments. STREET-TUNED PERFORMANCE. The refined 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine produces 120 hp and 87 ft-lbs of torque ...

What does gmc trucks stand for?

Most car and truck enthusiasts know that GMC stands for General Motor Company, but perhaps they don't know it actually stood for Grabowsky Motor Company in the beginning… So, initially, the car company was named Grabowsky Motor Vehicle Company.

What does gms motorsports stand for?

GMS Racing, formerly known as Gallagher Motorsports, is an American professional stock car racing team. They compete in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, fielding five full-time Chevrolet Silverado trucks: the No. 2 of Sheldon Creed, the No.

What does gt bikes stand for?

In 1979 they incorporated into GT Bicycles, Inc. GT standing for the initials of its founder, Gary Turner. Richard sold his bike shop and began selling frames as fast as possible to bicycle distributors across the USA and into Europe. Richard headed the business and marketing aspects of the company while Gary was the engineer and production head.

What does harley hog stand for?

Eventually the term "hog" became synonymous with any Harley-Davidson motorcycle… As the years went by, the company embraced the moniker and now "HOG" is used as an acronym for the Harley Owners Group as well as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company's listing on the stock market.

What does honda lx stand for?

GT: Grand Touring. LX: Luxury. LE: Luxury Edition. LS: Luxury Sport or Luxury Special. LT: Luxury Touring.

What does jeep mj stand for?

MJ - "Metric-ton Jeep" (or something like that, I know the M is for Metric)

What does ktm stand for motorcycle?

The shop came to be known as Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen: Kraftfahrzeug, the German word for motor vehicle, Trunkenpolz, named after its founder Hans Trunkenpolz; and Mattighofen, the location of the shop. This was the beginning of the KTM brand name.

What does lmc truck stand for?

Long Motor Corporation now creates over 30 illustrated, full line parts and accessories catalogs for Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Dodge trucks and SUVs under the LMC Truck brand; British sports car catalogs with parts for MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, and Sunbeam under the Victoria British Ltd.

What does lt stand for chevy?

LT stands for Luxury Touring. Like LS, though, this original meaning has become less important over time, and LT is basically used to signify that this particular vehicle is a step above the base trim level.

What does lx stand for mazda?

What does the symbol on a Mazda car mean?

  • Fast forward to the end of the 20th century, the current Mazda brand symbol was adopted in June 1997. The symbol stands for Mazda’s determination to “pursue ongoing improvements to drive powerful, continuous growth”, expressed by a pair of wings shaped like a letter M in an oval.
What does mazda rf stand for?

Whereas the 2019 MX-5 Miata comes with a soft-top, the 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is the hard-top version of this sports convertible (RF stands for “Retractable Fastback). This type of roof provides better isolation from the outside elements, particularly noise and temperature. Some also prefer the look of this model.

What does mps stand for mazda?

MPS stands for Mazda Performance Series, and the Protegé concept was first shown at last year's SEMA show in Las Vegas and is now on the verge of limited production.

What does mpv stand for mazda?

The Mazda MPV (Multi-Purpose Passenger Vehicle) is a minivan manufactured by Mazda. Introduced in 1988 as a rear-wheel-drive model with optional selectable four-wheel drive, this was replaced in 1999 with a front-wheel-drive version with optional all-wheel-drive in some markets.