What connection did joe wheeler have with the civil war and alabama?

Summer Carroll asked a question: What connection did joe wheeler have with the civil war and alabama?
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For much of the Civil War he served as the senior cavalry general in the Army of Tennessee and fought in most of its battles in the Western Theater. Between the Civil War and the Spanish–American War, Wheeler served multiple terms as a United States Representative from the state of Alabama as a Democrat.


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  • Joseph Wheeler (1836-1906) served as the commander of cavalry for the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Civil War, then went on to a career as a member of Congress from Alabama before returning to the military during the Spanish-American War.

🚗 Where did joseph wheeler serve in the civil war?

  • At the start of the Civil War, Wheeler entered the Confederate Army on March 16 as a first lieutenant serving in the Georgia state militia artillery, and then was assigned to Fort Barrancas off of Pensacola, Florida, reporting to Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg.

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  • After the war, Wheeler married Daniella Jones Sherrod, a widow whom he had met while fighting in northern Alabama. The couple would have seven children. He tried his hand at business in New Orleans, working as a partner in a carriage and hardware operation.
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