Should i get a dashcam for my car?

Collin Collier asked a question: Should i get a dashcam for my car?
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  • Despite the obvious benefits of a dashcam, there are some vehicle owners prefer not to use them at all. One of the reasons mentioned is because there are a lot of wires and hardware to be hidden or to be placed which can put people off. The last thing that they want is the wires interfering with their driving.


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  • 6 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams Tachyon BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System. If you are one of those who love recording your trips on the road, then you would need a proper dash cam to be ... ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro Stealth. If you were looking for a good quality dash cam to mount onto your car's dashboard then you may want to ... Goluk T1 Wi-Fi FHD 1080P Mini Car Dash Cam… More items...

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Wearing a helmet is the single most effective way of reducing head injuries and fatali- ties resulting from motorcycle and bicycle crashes. Motorcyclists who do not wear helmets are at a much higher risk of sustaining head injuries and from dying from these injuries.

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No matter where you ride, daytime riding is the safest. So try to avoid riding your bike at dusk and later. And always keep an eye out for cars and trucks. Even if you're just riding on the sidewalk, a car may pull out of its driveway into the path of your bike.

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