Should i buy a new engine, or a new car?

Larry Bernhard asked a question: Should i buy a new engine, or a new car?
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  • If there isn't anything else mechanically wrong with your car then you should strongly consider replacing the engine instead of buying a new or used car. A new engine can cost a couple thousand dollars to purchase and have installed, while a new car could cost 3 or 4 times that amount.


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🚗 Should you paint a motorcycle engine?

To ensure a durable and long-lasting Motor Coater finish, the engine surface must be properly prepared. Dirt, grease, flaking rust and other contaminants, as well as loose paint must be removed before painting. Proper cleaning makes the difference between poor results and results that can last generations.

🚗 How hot should my motorcycle engine get?

  • Most motorcycles run an engine temperature from 170 degrees to 200 degrees. This all depends on the brand and type of motorcycle your riding. Some people will say that the average temperature is around 180-185 degrees.

🚗 Should i engine brake on a motorcycle?

CONNECTEDNESS: When performed properly (NOTE THIS HUGE CAVEAT), engine braking can be an effective way to slow you and your motorcycle. Some riders find engine braking a better way to slow their vehicle because they feel more connected to the motorcycle and how the power is being delivered to the rear wheel.

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How often should i rebuild my mazda 12a engine?
  • The N/A 12A engine with correct maintenance doesn't need a rebuild before 150,000 miles. Be prepared for the fact that the engine consumes a lot of fuel. Because of all rotary engines have a poor fuel efficiency. Mazda 12B engine - is the shortly produced engine which had improved reliability and new ignition system.
How often two wheeler engine oil should be changed?
  • Yes, for perfect working of the vehicle, it is mandatory to change engine oil at every 2500-3000 Km. According to user manual, the engine oil will be changed at first service and therefore after 2500-3000 Km, it will be rechanged.
Should i ride motorcycle with check engine light on?

You’ll be able to ride with the engine temperature light on. However, the best response is to turn your engine off as soon as possible and allow it to cool before taking a look, and topping up with coolant if necessary. If the light comes back on again after topping up you should get it checked out to fix the underlying problem.

Should you break in a new motorcycle engine correctly?
  • It's important to break in a new motorcycle engine correctly, or you risk impairing it's performance or damaging it outright. Here's how to do it right.
Should you choose a smaller engine for your motorcycle?
  • Experienced riders will tell you that the smaller engine allows you to learn the ropes. You will need to learn to stop without dropping your bike, accelerate without accidentally going into a wheelie, and take turns and swerve without crashing. You also need to learn to keep a vigilant eye on the motorists around you.
Should you get a car with a turbo engine?
  • If you have the budget for it, you should definitely consider getting a turbocharged engine for a smoother and more powerful ride. Turbocharged engines are usually smaller as well, so if you're looking for a smaller car like a hunchback, it's perfect. Let's not forget you'll be going easy on the environment as well!
What should i use to cool my motorcycle engine?
  • Always used distilled water in a water cooled motorcycle engine. Occasionally the coolant lines can get plugged up which will prevent the coolant mixture from circulating. If you feel this may be your problem, use an infrared thermometer and point it at the inlet of the radiator then at the outlet of the radiator and compare the temperatures.
What size engine should you get in a motorcycle?
  • A good standard size for a beginner is 500cc to 700cc, depending on your physical size. But that engine size is plenty big enough to get you and a passenger across town or even across the country.
What type of motorcycle engine oil should i use?
  • All oils use additives, even if they’re mineral oils but the semi and fully synthetic oils use more than the mineral oils. It’s important you get the right type for your engine and the best motorcycle engine oil will always be listed in your owner’s manual.
How much oil should i put in my car engine?
  • You also don't want to under fill it either, since you may find the engine under lubricated and subject to overheating. How much oil a car requires is determined by the make and model of your vehicle. Most engines require anywhere between 5 to 8 quarts of oil, depending on your car's engine size.
What should i do about my mazda mzr 2.3l engine?
  • The stock cartridge filter housings tend to leak. To help the longevity of that L3-VE / MZR 2.3L is to replace the oil filter housing with a spin-on unit housing. Otherwise, you'll run it empty. Use a quality filter and check your oil regularly.
What should i do if my car engine needs replacing?
  • If any components need replacing then ensure that they are replaced using the right components and are of the best quality. Start rebuilding the engine by first replacing the cylinder and oil seals with new ones. The air filter should also be replaced. Once the engine is rebuilt you can then secure the spark plugs into the engine.
What should i do with my mazda 3 engine coolant?
  • Your Mazda 3 has an aluminum engine, and these chemicals will damage it. Properly dispose of your engine coolant. It is against federal law to improperly dispose of engine coolant; it is highly toxic. Call (800) CLEAN-UP to find a waste facility near you (see Resources).
What should i put on my motorcycle engine for winter?
  • If you’re going to be storing your bike for a long time (4-6 months or more) you will want to protect your engine’s internals against moisture by coating them lightly with oil.
What should you do if your motorcycle engine is flooded?
  • What should you do if your motorcycle engine is flooded? When your motorcycle engine is flooded, the first thing you should do is wait 15 minutes for the gas in the engine to dissipate.
What type of engine oil should i use in motorcycle?

High-performance motorbikes require synthetic oil, while mineral or conventional oils keep the engine clean and running smoother for longer. Semi-synthetic oil is ideal for 125-180 cc medium-sized engines.

What kind of oil should i put in my motorcycle engine?
  • The grade of oil that you put also plays a major part in keeping the engine running smoothly. Depending on the type and power of your motorcycle, you could look at upgrading to a semi synthetic or fully synthetic engine oil. These work well in both cold and hot temperatures.
What should i do if my mazda 3 engine gets hot?
  • A hot engine can cause severe burns. Turn off the engine and wait until it is cool before servicing. Fuel vapor is hazardous. It can very easily ignite, causing serious injury and damage. Always keep sparks and flames away from fuel. Fuel line spills and leakage are dangerous. Fuel can ignite and cause serious injuries or death and damage.
What should i do if my mazda cx 7 engine jumps?
  • If it really jumped, there should be subtle marks on the cogs and the rear cover or casting. The compression will be good during a cranking test, but will not be ok during a running compression check. If that’s the case, they should replace the timing belt and check the pulleys.
What should i do if my mazda engine does not start?
  • If the engine still does not start, have your vehicle inspected by an Authorised Mazda Repairer (Search). If the ambient temperature is lower than about - 10 °C (14 °F), the maximum engine speed may not be attained for about three minutes after the engine starts to protect the engine.
What should i do if my motorcycle engine does not start?
  • If the motorcycle engine fires and then immediately stalls, just press the start button again until it fires a second (or third) time. If engine does not start, recheck the kill switch and the fuel petcock. Modern motorcycles will stall if you attempt to put the bike in gear while the sidestand is down.
What should i do if my motorcycle engine makes a noise?
  • For this, a mechanic's stethoscope is recommended as it is fairly inexpensive and very useful. Listen to key parts of the engine to see if they any are noisier than usual. We recommend listening carefully to the tension mechanism and valve caps.