Road dog motorcycle?

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Roadog is a motorcycle built by engineer and motorcycle enthusiast Wild Bill Gelbke between 1962 and 1965… The complete bike is 17 feet (520 cm) long and weighs 3,280 pounds (1,490 kg).


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Roadog is a motorcycle built by engineer and motorcycle enthusiast Wild Bill Gelbke between 1962 and 1965. A total of two were built. Gelbke, who had attended engineering school in Wisconsin and at University of Southern California , had worked for McDonnell Douglas and also owned two motorcycle shops in Chicago and Hammond, Indiana .

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Other elements of Roadog’s design were unique to the motorcycle world. It had twin headlights and was the first motorcycle with an automatic transmission. The bike had disc brakes from a Corvette and was equipped with four hydraulic stands to keep it upright when parked.

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ISBN-13 9781890623623, $21.99, 372 Pages, Softcover. Deadhorse to Ushuaia—an epic journey on many long distance riders’ bucket lists. But few would contemplate tackling that ride on a vintage 1975 Moto Guzzi. The author’s choice of motorcycle is as unique as his interactions with the people and history he finds along the way.

There are many examples of this, but the most notable is a now-legendary dog named Kookie. Kookie was a dog belonging to an off-road racer named John McCown, who along with his furry friend perched atop the tank of his bike, raced an average of 50 off-road races a year for six years during the 1970s.

ROAD DOG CYCLE - Motorcycle Repair - 4600 Main, Denair, CA - Phone Number.

The new hood over cargo design gives your gear great weather protection along with super strong construction, not to mention the overall simplicity and reliability that Road Dog is known for. Like all Road Dogs the GT offers a list of standard features like L.E.D lighting, aluminum wheels, Our own "Pivot Point" Torsion supsension and more!

Our Road Dog suspension is great for pet haulers because of its superior performance characteristics. The Torsion arm is so responsive it allows the suspension to absorb a good amount of shock with minimal cargo movement. Polished Aluminum lower unit. The polished lower unit adds looks and visibility to this trailer.

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Minor cuts or cracks may seem insignificant but it is usually better to err on the side of caution and replace tires with a compromised surface to avoid a mid-ride flat or blow-out. Punctures can be fixed by using a plug to prevent air from escaping, but this should only be used as a temporary fix until the tire can be replaced.

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As stated above, if you have a full car driving licence you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc, but you need to have completed your CBT first. This is just a day long course that begins with basic motorbike training in a car park and then finishes with you riding the motorbike yourself out on the road.

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