Placement of ez pass transponder on motorcycle?

Yolanda Auer asked a question: Placement of ez pass transponder on motorcycle?
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How to properly install your ohio e-zpass transponder

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Fasten the motorcycle transponder on the windscreen, between the windscreen and instrument cowl of the motorcycle. Please note that this type of transponder is programmed for use on motorcycles only and may not be used on any other vehicle.


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Everyone needs a transponder who uses the lanes except motorcycles. I’m not sure about out-of-state bikes. Please contact below: If you have personalized plates on a motorcycle, please contact the ExpressLanes: For customer service: Call 511 and say “ExpressLanes” If you live outside of Los Angeles, Orange or Ventura counties: (877) 224-6511. TDD/TTY

🚗 Is there a transponder in a motorcycle key?

  • Most motorcycle keys does not have a transponder (chip) inside and are really basic old fashioned keys. They are different in shape and style, different key way for each manufacturer of course, but other than that – there is no significant difference between the different keys and the way they work.

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bikergirlbling.comYou got a bell to keep the evil gremlins away from your bike. That's wonderful. Now where do you put it? Kathleen's bike has plenty of opti...

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Ez pass motorcycle mount

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How To: Install EZ-Pass Transponder on your Motorcycle - YouTube. How To: Install EZ-Pass Transponder on your Motorcycle. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback ...

Works great that is where I have mine mounted to the inside of the fairing inside the usb compartment. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk. Click to expand... Chieftain, the EZ pass transponder is the difficult and expensive end of the proposition; getting your bike is easy and cheap!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the ez-pass is velcroed to a bracket that is velcroed to the windshield. This bracket pivots so the ez-pass goes from sideways(Arrows pointing left) to right side up. If I leave it sideways, it does not read, and I do not get charged. Try it vertical, or holding it with the arrows up, and see if that works for you.

From “M.H.” (January 2013): “For me, the easiest mount for my EZ-Pass transponder is in a breast pocket in my riding jacket. It doesn’t appear to interfere with the signal, and as I only have 1 riding jacket I don’t worry too much about keeping track of where it is.

1. Identify the front face of the transponder. It displays the E-ZPass label and two upward pointing arrows. (Fig. 1.) This side faces the driver with the arrows pointing toward the roof of the vehicle. 2. Identify the position in your vehicle in which the transponder will be mounted. The preferred location is

Nh is the same way , if the reader doesnt pick up your transponder it will take a pic of your plate. On my electra glide i run a solid black winshield but have my ez pass in my windshield pouch and it works 99% of the time. 0.

This is what works best for my motorcycle CBR600RR. I don't really see any reason why it wouldn't work for most sports or Super Sport Motorcycles. I really h...

Needed a mount for my EZ Pass but I didn't want anything permanent because I don't need it often. So this is what I came up with, easy on, easy off.

Turn the tag right side up facing you. Place the tag in the correct position and press firmly against the glass for 15 seconds to achieve a good bond. Your E-ZPass tag may be removed by gently lifting one corner of the tag to separate the adhesive strips. Please note: Do not try to remove the mounting strips from your windshield and reuse them.

E-ZPass Customer Service Center: 1-888-MTA-PASS (1-888-682-7277) Outside United States: 1-207-871-7771 Personal Account Hours: Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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How to mount/install ez pass || any state || 2020 When must i pass a motorcycle?
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  • Modern locks are a way too advanced to be fooled by such shenanigans. Perhaps the best option is simply to admit defeat and call a car locksmith, who is a professional and can get you a new key fast. Most locksmiths can handle all types of locks and also work with lost transponder car keys.
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  • The X2 Transponder for bike racing: can be used as rechargeable transponder (No Upgrade) or can be permantly powered by your vehicle battery (Direct Power Upgrade). For TR2, CLASSIC & FLEX Transponders (Not for X2 Transponders).
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  • Motorcycles will not have to pay tolls to use either the 495 Express Lanes or the soon-to-be-opening 95 Express Lanes. In addition, motorcycles are not required to be equipped with an E-Z Pass transponder.

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  • One-Stop-Shop to Pay Truck Tolls and Bypass: ElitePass Simplify life on the road by combining truck toll payments with bypass services in one transponder with ElitePass®. In a number of states, PrePass carriers have the option to use the ElitePass transponder.
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  1. Open the driver side door and sit in the car with the door open.
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  1. Insert one of the programmed keys into the ignition. Turn the ignition to the “ON” position for at least one second then turn the key to the “OFF” position.
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Motorcycle License (Class M) A Class M License authorizes a license holder to operate a motorcycle or three-wheeled motor vehicle. For more information, obtain a copy of the Motorcycle Operator Manual. When applying for your initial Class M License you must bring the following documentation to the DMV:

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