My 2 month old 49cc pocket bike won't stay running is it my gas filter line or carburetor or what?

Clint Hills asked a question: My 2 month old 49cc pocket bike won't stay running is it my gas filter line or carburetor or what?
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X2 pocket bike for sale in london ontario.

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Description: 49Cc Ignition Coil Buy Online within 49Cc Pocket Bike Engine Diagram, image size 800 X 455 px, and to view image details please click the image.. Here is a picture gallery about 49cc pocket bike engine diagram complete with the description of the image, please find the image you need.

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check air filter.if u have a filter for the gas on the line, make sure its not clogged up

My 2 month old 49cc pocket bike won't stay running is it my gas filter line or carburetor or what? Wiki User. ∙ 2010-02-13 01:18:27. See answer. Best Answer. Copy.

It Still Won't Start If you're sure you got some gas in the intake and yet it still won't start, This would indicate that your problem is not fuel related and more likely that you have a sudden electrical issue which will be easiest diagnosed with a factory service manual specific to the motorcycle, or possibly even mechanical issues which may become evident with a compression test.

Then again I checked the carburetor by keep the bike in “N” in gear and throttling, I saw, ... Suspected gas from can was possibly old (2 months) drained gas tank from fuel line on the fuel line down line of filter… won’t stay running unless I fill the bowl in the carb and then when it runs out of fuel in the bowl it dies .

To check for air leaks, grab some carburetor cleaner or starting fluid. Put the choke on and start the bike up. Once is running, mist some carb cleaner or starting fluid around the air boot and around the vacuum hoses (if there are any). If the engine momentarily races, then you have an air leak.

Gas scooter kill switches can get wet, or simply fail mechanically. Try disconnecting it at the engine and try the gas scooter out. Gas filter is plugged. Some gas scooters have a gas filter in the gas line, and will alter the fuel to air mixture if they get plugged, similar to how a plugged air filter will.

Here are 10 reasons and fixes to help prevent lack of fuel to a 2-stroke engine. 1. Mixture Screws. The first thing to check before anything else is the mixture screws. The fuel air mixture screws on the side of the carburettor are marked H for High for the engines high speed adjustments and the L means Low for the engines low speed adjustments ...

I have for sale a 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike , Just got it on trade , put some gas/oil mix in the tank and a squirt of brake clean in the carb to fire it and it fires, won’t stay running tho , needs a carb clean , Tires are good and hold air, chain is good ,brakes work, all of the plastics are there none of them are broken only thing broken is one of the foot pegs needs to be welded back on Located in Barrie 250 Obo MAKE AN OFFER WANT IT GONE

Tho the stock engine won’t have the power to rev higher by default. 2. Get a tuning variator (Malossi Multivar or Polini) as this will allow for increased revs and better adjustment of the transmission using lighter rollers. It will increase speed to about 35-40 I suppose, but won’t be much of an improvement when going up hill. Hope this helps!

No fuel at your carburetor can be caused by many things. It could be a simple issue like a fuel filter plugged so tight that no fuel can pass through. Another logical cause could be the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is electric, the 12-volt power may be shorted. A hole in the fuel line on the tank side could also cause ...

8 offers from $379.00. Carb Carburetor Air Filter Assembly Replacement for 49cc 50cc 60CC 66CC 70cc 80cc 2 Stroke Engine Rcooter Motorized Bicycle,Mini Pocket Bike,Quad Chopper ATV. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 203.

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What size spark-plug used for 49cc pocket bike?

NGK BPM7A is the one you will need

How to tune a pocket bike carburetor?

A guide to how to tune your pocket bike carburetor for top speed and the best possible acceleration!

Can jumpstart motorcycle but it wont stay running?
  • There are many reasons why a motorcycle won't start, so it makes sense to determine whether the battery is the issue before attempting to jump start your bike. Make sure there is gas in your tank. Make sure the kill switch is off. Check that your petcock is on. This mainly applies to older, carbureted bikes. Check your spark plugs.
An electric start for a 49cc pocket bike?

All it does is start the bike with a flip of a switch and the oush of a button. Instead of pulling the rope a billion times.

Can you ride 49cc pocket bike in oregon?

No they are not legal they must be 50cc or above

How fast can a 49cc pocket bike go?

On average, a 49 cc bike will do about 30-35 mph. But some super preformance bikes like the Honda NSR 50 will easily go over 60 mph. But a cheaper Chinese made pocket bike will only go about 20 mph.

How fast does a 49cc pocket bike go?

A 49cc moped is going to be able to hit a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Given they are controlled by using an Automatic transmission, they are very quick indeed.

How fast will a 49cc pocket bike go?


How much is a 49cc pocket bike worth?

Pocket Bike 2 Stroke Engine 49CC 50CC Mini Motorcycle Dirt Bikes ATV Adult Blue. AU $314.95. Was: AU $329.95. AU $29.95 postage. 40 watching.

How to make a 49cc pocket bike faster?

There are many aspects of a 49cc pocket bike that you can easily upgrade and that too with just the basic knowledge of different parts of a bike. Here is the step by step process that you will need to follow in order to make your 49cc pocket bike engine faster.

Is a 49cc pocket bike legal to ride?

Yes but not on Main roads

Which is the fastest 49cc phantom pocket bike?
  • The all new Phantom 49cc Pocket Bike is what you are looking for. Look no further, this 49cc engine is the fastest 49cc 2-stroke pocket bike of its size. Newly released and fully redesigned with coloured frames that match its decals. Available colours are Red, Yellow, & Blue.
What is the top speed for a 49cc pocket bike?

about 30-45 depemds on gas/oil mixture tire pressure weight and the bike

What is the top speed of a 49cc pocket bike?

it is 60 kilometer's per hour

Where is the carburetor on a pocket bike?

On the intake manifold

Can jump start motorcycle but it wont stay running?

Check the regulator/rectifier plug first, if it's fried, there's the problem. If not, start it up and use a voltmeter on the battery terminals. Should be 14+ volts going to battery at 5K rpm. The charging test is detailed in the manual.

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Are 49cc pocket bikes manual?

yes there are.

How do you make a 49cc pocket bike faster?

get a better spark plug and put a air filter on it that should give u a lil bit more power

How do you make a 49cc pocket bike quietier?

How do you make a 49cc pocket bike faster? get a better spark plug and put a air filter on it that should give u a lil bit more power How do you make a 43cc pocket bike go faster?

How loud is a 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike?

alot of sound output depends on what muffler you are using, they normally sound abit louder than a chainsaw of the same displacement.

How much weight can a 49cc pocket bike hold?

It's weighs almost 200 Pounds.

Where is the governor on a 49cc pocket bike?

The governor is the screw by the throttle on the hand grip take it out and no more governor.

Can you ride a 49cc pocket bike in rhode island?

They are not street legal in RI.