Mazda 323 1993 what is an o ring?

Bertrand Bailey asked a question: Mazda 323 1993 what is an o ring?
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🚗 Torque mazda protege 1993?

114 ft lbs of torque. 125HP... is a good place for info like this!

🚗 What oil weight for 1993 mazda miata?

I use 5-W30 in my 1990, and since the 1993 is almost as old, I would recommend the same oil weight.

🚗 What engines will fit a 1993 mazda b2600?

Any motor you can possibly think of! V8 conversions to Honda S2000 motors

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An O-ring is a seal. The O-ring goes between two separate parts to either keep fluids in order to keep fluids from getting in.

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What size speakers are in a 1993 mazda protege?

6.5inches. Most modern speakers won't match up perfectly on the holes. I've owned a 1993 Mazda protege and a 1991 Mazda protege, I've changed the head unit, speakers and added an amp and sub to both, so I know =p

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1993 mazda miata all gauges stopped working?

Definitely take apart the gauges, check and make sure all cables are intact.

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Air pump on a mazda 1993 rx7?

it has one

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Does 1993 mazda miata have odb port?

trailer mazda 5 obd2 port location

Nope. There is no port. There is only a diagnostics box under the hood and there is the "Morse code" flashing lights on the dash. Visit Dynra Rockets's homepage!

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Is the 1993 mazda rx7 a lemon?


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Location fuel pump on 1993 mazda rx7?

The 1993 fuel pump is located in the boot floor under a thin tin plate held in by four or five screws.

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How do you tell if the starter or the flywheel ring is bad on a 1993 mazda 626 lx?

Remove the starter and inspect the ring gear on the flywheel.

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What size o ring does mazda 2.5 a c have?

mazda mazda axela

2.5 LITER NON TURBO. 2.5 LITER TURBO. 6.7mm. A/C Line O-Ring.

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What are the obd1 codes for a 1993 mazda 626?

there are many codes to refer to. Pick up a Haynes repair manual and they are all listed inside.

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What could cause a 1993 mazda mx6 not to fire?

mine slipped on the timing belt itself so check the timing first then work the fuses and then use a tachometer on the ignition coil if not it you might have a fried motor man

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What is a btn fuse on a 1993 mazda 626?

check the owners manual..should be doors and such..

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What kind of engine does a 1993 mazda miata have?

  • GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this 1993 Mazda Miata for sale. The Miata is one of the most beloved cars of our time as anybody who drives one cannot wait to get another chance. It is powered by a 1.6L I4 engine that is small but spirited. Mated to the 4-cylinder is a 5-speed manual transmission.

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What kind of timing belt is in 1993 mazda protege?

transmition with chain.

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What type of oil goes into a 1993 mazda protege?

For my Mazda I use 10w-30

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Is 1993 mazda mx6 moon roof interchangeable with 1995 mazda mx6?

mx6 got no moonroof - only a sunroof and YES its interchangeable

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How do you deflood a 1993 mazda rx7?

You can either take out a spark plug on each rotor and spin it over or you can pull your fuel injection fuse and spin it over.

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How much does a 1993 mazda miata weight?

Is the 1993 Mazda MX-5 Miata a coupe?

  • Our 1993 Mazda MX-5 Miata trim comparison will help you decide. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the one car that you hope never changes. There’s been talk at Mazda of offering a bigger engine, installing a turbocharger and producing a coupe version. But let’s hope none of it comes to pass, because almost everything about the Miata is just right.

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How to adjust headlights on 1993 mazda miata?

What kind of headlights does a Mazda Miata use?

  • by Alibaster Smith. The headlights in a Mazda Miata are generally of two types. Some Miatas use the factory "flip up" style headlights, where a motor raises and lowers the headlight assembly out of the front bumper area. When this motor fails or when the headlights are not working properly, you'll need to replace the failed component.

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How to change brakes on 1993 mazda mx3?

  1. Unbolt/remove the wheel
  2. Unbolt/remove the caliper
  3. Remove/replace the rotor
  4. Pull the retainer clips out of the retainer pins on the caliper
  5. Remove the retainer pins and let the pads fall
  6. Insert the new pads and fix in place with retainer pins
  7. Insert the retainer clips
  8. Depress the caliper with a c clamp
  9. Install the caliper
  10. Install the wheel

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Where is the horn on 1993 mazda rx7?

behind the front bumper on the chassis.

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Where is the starter on 1993 mazda mx3?

Under the intake manifold. The starter is connected to the bell housing on the transmission and is held on by three bolts.

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What is the cost to repair control arm mazda 323 1993?

i am sry to tell you that the arm Mazda 323 1993 cost $40,000 to repair but u ain't lucky cuz the arm Mazda 324 1994 cost $1 to repair

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What is the firing order for a 1993 mazda mx6 v6?

its actually 1-2-3-4-5-6

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