Lightning strike motorcycle specs?

Lenna Rippin asked a question: Lightning strike motorcycle specs?
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Strike Carbon Specifications

  • Top Speed – 150 mph.
  • Peak Torque – 186 ft/lb drive unit.
  • Peak Horsepower – 120 hp @ 15,000 rpm.
  • Motor Power – 90 kw @ 15,000 rpm.


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🚗 Can lightning strike a moving motorcycle?

  • It is not safe to ride a motorcycle in a lightning storm. Since you are touching the vehicle, your head is considered the highest point of it which will increase your risk of a lightning strike. Though this is not a common occurrence, it has happened before and it is best to not risk riding in a lightning storm.

🚗 How much is a lightning strike motorcycle?

Turning the SportBike world upside down… with electricity.

Lightning Motorcycle has designed and produced a Sportbike sure to change the minds of anyone doubting electric motorcycle performance. The LS-218 is the fastest production motorcycle in the world – gas or electric. Retail price starts at $38,888 USD.

🚗 What kind of bike is the lightning strike?

  • “Strike’s design is intended to blend elements of track-ready performance, daily rideability and comfort, as well as aerodynamic efficiency to extend range at higher speeds. With a beautifully dynamic sportbike esthetic, Strike shares clear design DNA with the LS-218 halo bike in a slightly more compact package.

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Lightning Motorcycle is based in San Jose, California, USA, and are known for producing the LS-218 in 2012, the worlds fastest electrical superbike, with a top speed of 218mph / 351kmh. In 2019 Lightning launched the Strike which shares clear design DNA with the LS-218, in a slightly more compact package.

Lightning FluxVector Drive System is 300V liquid-cooled, three-phase AC induction motor and controller; Weight. 206 kg / 455 lbs; Seat Height. 32 in / 813 mm; MSRP. $19,998

Lightning Strike electric motorcycle specs and prices Honda CR Electric motocross prototype - Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Honda has surprised at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show with the... Lidl plans to build 400 charging stations for electric vehicles. Lidl intends to equip approximately 400 of its ...

Lightning Strike Carbon: Year: 2020: Category: Sport: Price as new: US$ 19998. MSRP depends on ...

Lighting Strike electric motorcycle specs The Lightning Strike is designed as a 600 sport equivalent. It has a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h) in its track gearing setup.

The company has announced an impressive array of specs for the upcoming electric motorcycle. The Lightning Strike will be capable of hitting a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h). The Strike should...

In 2011, Lightning set the land speed record at 215.960 mph(top speed of 218.637 mph) and became the world fastest production electric motorcycle. Next Lightning integrated the race proven technologies into their customer products – the Lightning LS-218 in 2015 and the Lightning Strike in 2019 which were well received by the market.

Lightning Strike Performance and Specs Being a derivative of the LS 218 superbike, the Strike is expected to offer exciting performance. It draws power from a liquid-cooled induction motor that churns out 90 bhp and 244 Nm of torque on the Standard variant.

In early 2019 an announcement was made that they would be making a consumer grade electric motorcycle in three different variants, from entry level to a premium spec. This new model would be called the Strike, and it took the attention of prospective buyers by storm. It promised incredible specs at reasonable prices from $13k-$20k USD.

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