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Janus 250-Series Engine & Drivetrain

Engine:Air-cooled, 4-stroke overhead valve single cylinder engine
Bore x Stroke:67 x 65 millimeters
Maximum Power:14 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Torque:11.65 lb-ft @ 5,500 rpm
Compression ratio:9.2:1


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🚗 How fast is a janus motorcycle?

Janus said the two models reach a top speed of 70 mph (110 km/h) with the 14 hp (10 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 11.6 ft⋅lb (15.7 J) @ 5,500 rpm engine. The company says the bikes' curb weights are about 260 lb (120 kg) for the Halcyon and 265 lb (120 kg) for the Phoenix .

🚗 How much for a janus motorcycle?

How much are Janus motorcycles? While a stock bike with no upgrades will cost $6,995 to purchase, a fully loaded Janus can reach a price point of around $10,820.

🚗 Where are janus motorcycle engines made?


Most of the components were therefore outsourced to Brazil, China, Taiwan, and Pakistan, where they are still in production. In the 30+ years, it has been in production, it has become one of, if not the most produced motorcycle engines in the world.

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1987 yamaha ysr 50 motorcycle

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Janus Motorcycles Literature for Halcyon, Gryffin, & Phoenix Specs. $ 0.00. Model. Choose an option All three Gryffin Halcyon Phoenix. Add to cart. SKU: janus-motorcycles-specs Category: Brochures & Literature. Description. Additional information.

Janus Gryffin 250 Specs. Janus Halcyon 250 Specs. Janus Phoenix 250 Specs.

Classic Motorcycling. Halcyon 450cc Motorcycle Classic style • Designed & Hand-built in Goshen, IN • Lightweight & Quick • 2021 Model Year: $13500. Learn More. Build and Order.

The Janus Halcyon 250 model is a Allround bike manufactured by Janus . In this version sold from year 2020 , the dry weight is 119.3 kg (263.0 pounds) and it is equipped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor.

Janus motorcycle specs depend on each model. Halcyon 250 The very first model created by Janus was known as the Halcyon 50. It had a small, 50cc two-stroke engine that allowed for about 10 horsepower.

Janus said the two models reach a top speed of 70 mph (110 km/h) with the 14 hp (10 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 11.6 ft⋅lb (15.7 J) @ 5,500 rpm engine. The company says the bikes' curb weights are about 260 lb (120 kg) for the Halcyon and 265 lb (120 kg) for the Phoenix. Janus claims an EPA-calculated fuel economy of 77 miles per gallon.

The fit and finish of a Janus motorcycle will lure you in and command your attention. The hardtail Halcyon 250 and fully-suspended Phoenix 250 each have exotic silhouettes, even to motorcycle fanatics who’ve seen it all. Their origin: a small garage in Goshen, Indiana, less than three hours north of Indianapolis.

Its size and power make it a perfect first motorcycle for new riders and a welcome return to simple two-wheeled thrill-seeking for even the most seasoned of riders. The Gryffin is hand-built in the heartland to inspire joy in every rider. Specifications: Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke overhead valve single cylinder engine.

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Where are janus motorcycles made?

Janus Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of small-displacement motorcycles in Goshen, Indiana.

What engine does janus motorcycles use?

Janus Motorcycles' lineup

All 3 use the same 229cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, carbureted engine, mated to a 5-speed transmission. Janus reports the engine is actually an evolution of an early Honda engine, designed to be as simple as possible for use in places like South American jungles.

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What is the DOT motorcycle crash helmet standard? DOT is only relevant when buying a helmet in the USA – it’s the equivalent to the EU ECE 22.05 standard. When you buy a motorcycle crash helmet in the US, you expect it to offer a decent level of protection and work pretty well as a helmet.

What kind of bike is the janus halcyon?
  • The current Janus lineup consists of the Halcyon 250 and the Phoenix 250. The Halycon 250 has a very distinct vintage style that drew looks all across town. Photo by Panhead Jim. The Phoenix 250 adds cafe racer style to the same basic package. Photo by Panhead Jim. At first glance, these bikes look like two completely different machines.
Where do janus motorcycles get their parts from?
  • Janus Motorcycles are a first class workshop and builds its bikes by hand, one at a time in its Goshen, Indiana, facility. Most of the components used are made either in-house by Janus or through United States-based suppliers. The remaining parts come from international suppliers.

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2018 new yamaha mt 25 specs, top speed, mileage, price Why do people want to ride janus bikes?
  • The team at Janus want to see the experiences that people have when they are riding their bikes. They encourage fans to tag them in photos that they post on Instagram and they also post a lot of images of their own. It can be a great source of inspiration if you are thinking of taking a road trip on your bike.
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What kind of bike is the janus halcyon 250?
  • The Halcyon 250 Motorbike from Janus isn’t a replica of a vintage bike but it looks like it could be. The bike’s classic lines and simple style brings to mind historic Norton, Indian, and Brough Superior motorcycles. Outside of custom and classic motorcycle shops and museums, this style has all but disappeared.
What kind of bike is the janus phoenix 250?
  • The Janus Motorcycles Phoenix 250, their sporty cafe racer-inspired option with full suspension. After a few years of monitoring the company via social media and online moto-features, the buzz was positive, but I had yet to experience the bikes from behind the bars.

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82 kawasaki kz1000 ltd for sale What kind of motor does a janus moped have?
  • The first few Janus models were powered by a (nominally) 50 cc pattern motor, based on one used in Spanish Derbi mopeds.
Why are there so many janus motorcycles out there?
  • The Janus lineup capitalizes on the growing demand for unintimidating bikes that harken back to a simpler time. Since a new generation of beginning riders is emerging, the Janus machines were developed to be mechanically simple in order for owners to learn self-maintenance as an essential and time-honored aspect of the motorcycle experience.
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