Is there a difference between trucks on a skateboard?

Chance Schoen asked a question: Is there a difference between trucks on a skateboard?
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Usually, skateboard trucks are described by their inner width (hanger width)… In general, we would recommend choosing a truck with an axle width that's exactly the same width as your deck. A margin of +/- 0.125″ is totally okay. So, for a deck that is 8″ wide trucks an axle width from 7.875″ – 8.125″ are ideal.


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🚗 What's the difference between high and low skateboard trucks?

  • Height is a personal preference, but the general rule here is that the closer you are to the ground the more stability you have. There are low, medium and high trucks but most brands only sell high and low trucks. Some brands offer high trucks that are the same as low trucks from other brands, which can be confusing.

🚗 What is the difference between high and low skateboard trucks?

  • The difference between high, mid /standard and low skateboard trucks is seemingly negligible. As it so often happens, however, the finer details are crucial. It all boils down to your body height and most importantly, the size of the wheels. The higher the truck, the more the tail has to be pushed down when popping.

🚗 What is the difference between mid and lo skateboard trucks?

well that's how they measure height of trucks, i think low gets more wheel bites but then again, i never skated lows so idk

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Skateboard trucks are narrower and have a regular kingpin. It is available in different sizes to pick a truck according to your skateboard deck size. Skateboard trucks are shorter but more strengthened than longboard trucks. If you’re a street skater, check out here the best skateboard trucks for street skating.

Usually a deck with a 9” width and above needs 180 mm trucks. Anything smaller choose 150mm trucks. They are constructed for Stability, Turn-ability and are longer than skateboard trucks. Pick the right one. Although the parts are the same the shape and positioning from the parts are different between a skateboard and a longboard. You cannot use skateboard trucks on longboards or visa versa.

Mid or standard trucks are basically a compromise between low and high trucks and are therefore ideally suited for all-around skateboarding and for anyone who cannot decide. Skateboard wheels between 52 mm and 56 mm are a good fit for mid/standard trucks. Mid/Standard Trucks in the Shop.

Difference between Skateboard Trucks andLongboard Trucks: Longboard trucks are wider, usually about 150mm-180mm, made for wider boards. Longboard trucks are usually reversed kingpins (the center bolt on which the hanger pivots), meaning the kingpin faces outwards.

High trucks are the standard, but some skateboard truck brands also offer high and low models. Usually, you'll only see this labeled if the model you are looking at offers both a high and low version. High trucks give you a more responsive turn and a little more wheel clearance so that you can use bigger wheels with less chance of wheel bite.

Picking the right size skateboard truck is pretty easy. Just make sure they fit your deck or you could get some issues with responsiveness and balance. The hight of skateboard trucks is a personal preference, low, medium, or high trucks it’s really up to you. The width of your truck should match the width of your skateboard deck.

Compared to cruisers and skateboards, longboards have different types of trucks. Trucks are wider because overall the boards are wider but they also have a sharper angle. Another difference is the height, the trucks need more height to prevent the wheels from coming into contact with the board.

On a skateboard, the trucks are rigid and narrower, making it easier to grind and land tricks of your choice. They're also the same size as the maximum width of the skateboard's deck.

Another modern skateboard that’s perfect for regular use is the Freebord. It is designed in such a way that it can stimulate snowboarding while you are on a pavement. It has wide G3 trucks, similar to what you can find on a longboard. The only difference is that it has an additional wheelset installed directly behind the trucks.

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What's the difference between high and low trucks?
  • Usually, you'll only see this labeled if the model you are looking at offers both a high and low version. High trucks give you a more responsive turn and a little more wheel clearance so that you can use bigger wheels with less chance of wheel bite.
What is the difference between the lean trucks and regular trucks?
  • The lean trucks have the same screw hole location attachment as the regular standard trucks so it is easier to attach it to any other board. Also, the wheels have the exact same 8-millimeter bearings as the regular wheel bearings so you can use these wheels on your trucks if you like. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.
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The first difference between the two Carver trucks is how they look. The CX truck looks more like a traditional skate truck or even a 'reverse kingpin truck' and the C7 has an extended sprung arm that the hanger is attached to. The C7 actually has a wider turning arc than the CX due to the swing arm on the truck.

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