How to shop for used peterbilt trucks?

Cierra O'Reilly asked a question: How to shop for used peterbilt trucks?
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🚗 Used semi trucks peterbilt?

Low Mileage 2002 Peterbilt 379 Midroof Sleeper Cab Dual Exhaust / Used Semi Truck. $83,600 TX Texas Ready to Haul 2015 Peterbilt 579 Hi-Rise Sleeper Cab MT/Used Semi Truck.

🚗 Peterbilt awd trucks?

Every Peterbilt truck is designed, configured and built to do one job—yours. Explore All Trucks. Find a Dealer Finance Options On-Highway. Over thousands of miles of open road, everything adds up – from every service to each gallon of fuel saved. Mile by mile ...

🚗 Ats trucks peterbilt 359?

This wonderful truck Peterbilt 359 was added to the game in early 2018 and has a lot of fans. The model has been repeatedly revised and improved. Over the years, more than 20 updates have been made for this truck. Latest truck version 3.3 for ATS / ETS2 games version 1.39 You can add this truck to your collection and enjoy the game.

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Peterbilt trucks come in a variety of different models with a diverse set of purposes. The costs and quality of the truck depends on its age, mileage and previous owner. The first step you need to take when buying a reliable truck is to know the primary uses for the vehicle.Types of Peterbilt trucksThe uses of Peterbilt vehicles range from long haul, urban transportation, mixer, crane and other jobs. The different models often overlap as to the work they are built for, but as shown at, if a truck is bought with a single purpose in mind, this is the optimal choice. The various models differ not only in work, but also in style. They are categorized into traditional, aerodynamic, hybrid, medium duty and vocational vehicles. These variations appeal to a wide variety of tastes and uses.Peterbilt trucks are available in good condition if you research extensively. Where to buy a used truckPeterbilt trucks are offered on several websites, often in an auction style sale. Peterbilt offers used trucks at its dealerships and works closely with Paccar Financial to help buyers finance their purchase. If you desire to buy directly from the former owner, websites such as and offer trucks from previous owners.Take precautionsBuying a truck is an expensive investment, and you want the highest quality vehicle for your money. Get methodical when questioning a seller regarding the problems they experienced or reported with the truck. Find out when the brakes, tires, belts and other wearable items were replaced, if at all. Finally, before you confirm the sale, make sure that you feel comfortable with the truck.Buying a Peterbilt truck is an enjoyable decision that improves your trucking experience. While quality trucks and services are available through the official Peterbilt network, a cautious and well prepared buyer can get a quality truck from individual sellers as well.

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What places can i purchase peterbilt trucks?

The bes place to go for that information are the companies official website. There you can click on the link trucks, from their click on the dealers link and enter your state. It will list all the dealerships in your location. An example is a search for California, a bunch of links for dealerships in California came up. I clicked on Bakersfield. Where I found Golden State Peterbilt, their toll free number is (800) 936-4567.As of September 2011.

Where is a dealer for peterbilt trucks?

The website has complete information on every Peterbilt dealer in North America, including precise location maps, by simply clicking any state on the map.

Are there any new peterbilt trucks for sale?
  • Get more out of your fleet’s miles with TLG’s selection of powerful and versatile new Peterbilt sleeper trucks. Upgrade to TLG’s selection of new Peterbilt day cab trucks and customize them according to your fleet needs.
Are there any peterbilt dump trucks for sale?
  • The best source for new and used Peterbilt dump trucks for sale. Many Peterbilt dump trucks are added daily including single axle tandem axle Tri axle quad axle. Steel dump aluminum dump are all included. Peterbilt Models include Peterbilt 367, Peterbilt 365, Peterbilt 567, Peterbilt 389
Brand new peterbilt trucks for sale by owner?

New & Used Peterbilt Trucks for Sale - Rush Truck Centers Posted: (7 days ago) Peterbilt Trucks. Peterbilt's incomparable lineup includes the On-Highway New Model 579 and the iconic Model 389, Vocational Models 567, 520, 367 and 365, and Medium-Duty New Models 548, 537, 536, 535, plus the ever-popular Model 220.

Where can one view the peterbilt show trucks?

One can view the Peterbilt show trucks from the Peterbilt Motors Company and their website. Peterbilt is based in Denton, Texas and was founded in 1939.

Who are the authorized dealers of peterbilt trucks?
  • A family-owned authorized dealer of Peterbilt and International vehicles, Hunter has provided four generations of trucking solutions and an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, parts and sales.
Is the warranty on a used peterbilt good?

The coverage is only provided within a certain amount of time after the truck was purchased. After the truck was purchased the warranty lasts two years of acquiring the truck brand new.

Where can one purchase a used peterbilt truck?

Once can purchase a used Peterbilt truck from a variety of different places. These include truck sales showrooms, as well as sites such as "Trucker to Trucker".

Allstate peterbilt?

Truck Sales, Leasing, & Rental: Allstate Peterbilt Group is a factory-authorized dealership for new Peterbilt, Hino, and Kalmar Ottawa truck brands. We have hundreds of brand new and used trucks available for purchase. Or, if you need a custom-built work truck, we have commercial or vocational experts that will order exactly what is required.

Peterbilt dimensions?

DIMENSIONS GVW: 48,000 LB Front: 12,000 LB Rear: 36,000 LB W x H x L: 96" x 12' 10" x 29' 2" Wheelbase: 265" Cab to Axle: 83" from fairing 102" from sleeper (*Don't undestanding that..XD) Weight ...

Used trucks?

Shop used Trucks for sale at Research, compare, and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 10,000+ vehicles nationwide.

How to search for peterbilt cabover trucks for sale?
  • Visit my website or call first. Enter search information and click the Search button below. Use the TAB key to move between fields. To select more than one manufacturer, hold down the CTRL key while you click the names. To search for multiple models, simply enter a comma between each model number. (Ex. 644, 744)
Brandywine used trucks used?

BRANDYWINE TRUCKS & EQUIP. Brandywine Trucks & Equipment has the trucks, new and used equipment and trailers that you need! We are conveniently located in Brandywine, Maryland which is close to Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia. The Port of Baltimore is also a neighbor and can be a huge help in your exporting needs.

Best alignment shop for lifted trucks?

Hey what is the best Alignment Shop For Lifted Trucks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu? Add Answer. Follow. YOAIR Ishtiaq Follow Lucknow,India. Report. 5 Answer(s) available. Sahu tyymaof Sohaib Follow Thiruvananthapuram,India. 8 Mittal Chandra alignment shop for lifted trucks. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Reply. Report. Post Reply. NStay tnkkoje Follow Cardiff,Wales. 8 Sasta Goud alignment shop for lifted trucks. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Reply. Report. Post Reply. Shadman nppt Aryan Follow Louisville,United ...

Are there any peterbilt roll-off garbage trucks for sale?
  • 2021YM Peterbilt 567 Roll-Off - MX-13 455HP, Allison 4500RDS, Double Frame, 20K Steer, 46K Drives, Hendrickson HMX EX460 Suspension, Double Locking Diff's, Galbreath U5-EX-174 Roll-Off Hoist with P... See More Details
How much do new peterbilt semi trucks cost on average?

For a cargo hauler who is looking to purchase a new model of a Peterbilt semi truck, the average asking price is roughly 120,000 United States dollars.

Where are peterbilt trucks available for sale in the uk?

Peterbilt Motor Company is an American manufacturer of Peterbilt trucks, which are used for a variety of purposes surrounding around services. There are a variety of locations to find new and used Peterbilt trucks in the United Kingdom, however it is best to determine which model you are interested in purchasing before looking into where to buy them. Once a model is chosen, you should search in local classified so that the truck can be inspected in person rather then via the internet.

Where can i go to find peterbilt trucks for sale?

You can try your local Penske dealer for Peterbilt trucks. They often have several. You can also look into other local truck dealers, as Peterbilt is quite the common brand.

Arthur chrysler used trucks used?

Browse our inventory of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram vehicles for sale at Arthur Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.. Skip to main content Sales: (519) 848-2016 7976 Wellington Road 109 Directions Arthur, ON N0G1A0 Home New Inventory ...

What metal was used to build the peterbilt 379 hood?

Peterbilt's flagship truck, the 379, was in production from 1987

    1. It's hood was made from aluminum and it was the last conventional over-the-road truck available with this type of hood.
Best peterbilt truck?

Peterbilt Truck Desktop Backgrounds. Looking for the best Peterbilt Truck Desktop Backgrounds? We've got 38+ great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like.

Kenworth or peterbilt?

When you want to buy smart and save money then you need to tick the Kenworth option. When you consider the resale value, then you need a tick mark in Peterbilt option. The pay for Peterbilt is little higher than the Kenworth is that for the quality brand name. There are owners who use Peterbilt for several years and still get a good resale value.

Mack or peterbilt?

To me I'd pick mack over Peterbilt. Cause Mack is more hand built, every Mack sold in North America is built in the USA, they have the longest lifespan in the industry, best resale value, and finally not riding their name like Peterbilt is. Where in the world did you get the idea Macks are more hand built ?

Peterbilt 379 weight?

17,350# tare weight according to this: 1992 Peterbilt 379 Tandem Axle Tractor with Sleeper