How to determine bike saddle width?

Joan Aufderhar asked a question: How to determine bike saddle width?
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🚗 How to measure bike saddle width?

  • There are many ways to measure a saddle including the exact width between the saddle points, between the panel etc. However, a very quick gauge of the width is with your fists at the front of the saddle between the panel. MEDIUM/M – A M fit saddle would roughly be 1 fist’s width in the front of the saddle, see image below:

🚗 How do you measure bike saddle width?

The main dimension you should be looking at when buying a saddle is the width (MTB seat ...

🚗 What width bike saddle do i need?

Sit bone width range (mm) Recommended saddle width range (mm) (According to riding position) Upright Moderate Aggressive 70 - 90 125 - 140 120 - 130 120 - 130 90 - 110 135 - 150 125 - 140 125 - 140 110 - 130 145 - 160

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The main dimension you should be looking at when buying a saddle is the width (MTB seat width ...

Picture 8 shows a simple guide: how many cm to add to the measured sit bone width in order to get an optimal saddle width. For example, if a road bike is used, with very leaned forward position (like in the 2nd drawing from the left in picture 8), and if measured sit bone width is 125 mm, then a saddle should be 1 cm (10 mm) wider, which is about 135 mm.

To get the right saddle you need to first measure the width between your sit bones, but there’s ...

Big saddle are not always the most comfortable, it is important to measure your sit bones in order to get the correct width saddle for the most comfortable r...

Width of sit bones + X (Defined as added width by manufacture) = the saddle made for you. Sit Bones and Cycling Position Now that we’ve properly defined the sit bones measurement, let’s discuss it.

Stand and measure between the center points of the indentations made by your ischial tuberosity, or sit bones. Write down the measurement. Visit a bike shop and find the style of seat you need. Saddles for cruising bicycles are wider than seats for racing bikes, and each style comes in variations.

How to choose an optimal saddle width, based on these measurements and riding position, is explained in this post: Optimal bicycle saddle (seat) width. 3. Bicycle saddle model recommendations. Before buying, I would suggest reading all 5 short articles in this series (this one is 4th): Bicycle saddle fit [01] Materials they are made of; Bicycle saddle fit [02] Saddle padding; Bicycle saddle fit [03] Saddle shape

The width of your saddle depends on the distance between your sit bones. By measuring this, you can discover exactly which saddle is best for you. It's very easy to measure the distance between your sit bones. The better bike shops have handy tools to help you.

Choosing Saddle Width Now that you have the exact width of your sit bones, you can determine what size saddle you need. Take the distance you just measured and add two centimeters. This is approximately what size saddle you need as you want at least one centimeter past the sit bone on each side.

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How to lock bike saddle?

Thread the chain through your inner tube – this is to prevent the chain scratching or marking your bike. Now you’ve got a chain/tube combo, thread both through the saddle rails and top tube or rear triangle (I think the latter looks better). Use your chain tool to rejoin the chain, making a full loop.

How to measure bike saddle?

To get the right saddle you need to first measure the width between your sit bones, but there’s ...

How to remove bike saddle?

In this video we will demonstrate how you remove an old saddle (or bike seat for you new kids) and install a new one!

How to size bike saddle?

The width of a saddle should closely correlate to the width of your sit bones. Without proper support, you risk damaging soft tissue and causing long-term saddle soreness. You’ll be able to tell if you’re sitting on your sit bones immediately. First, you should measure your sit bone width.

Most comfortable road bike saddle?

The most comfortable saddle I ever rode was over 20 yrs ago at that was the selle Italia Flite which to me is the most genius, comfortable design ever. Unfortunately, it was too narrow for me and pressed into my prostate. Brooks was wider, but no prostate relief. Sit bone measurement for me is 155. The Flite is 143, as well as Kontakt.

Should you tilt bike saddle?

The tilt of your saddle is a very crucial adjustment that, frankly, the average cyclist doesn't fully understand. Most saddles are installed nose down… To achieve a neutral weight balance between your saddle and hands, your saddle should be installed anywhere from level to 1-2 degrees nose up.

Which bike saddle is best?
  • Fizik Antares R3 saddle…
  • Specialized Power saddle…
  • Fizik Tempo Argo R1 saddle…
  • Selle San Marco Mantra Superleggera Open saddle…
  • Fizik Arione saddle…
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  • ISM PN 3.0 saddle. The time triallists favourite.
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While tire diameter should be an exact match, you do have the option of putting on a tire with a slight variation in width. Some riders opt for wider tires, for example, to give them more traction and a somewhat cushier ride.

Proper road bike handlebar width?

The standard fitting advice is to get a handlebar as wide as the measurement between your AC joints. Those are the bumps atop your shoulders where the collarbone attaches just inboard of your deltoid muscle. But many riders prefer a handlebar slightly wider than their shoulders. A wide bar opens the chest.

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  • To determine the width of a skateboard truck, you measure the width of the axle (outer width) and the width of the hanger (inner width). The trucks should always fit the width of your Skateboard. It’s important that they’re not much wider than the deck because otherwise, the centre of gravity will shift to the side of the deck.
Can a bike saddle wear out?

A modern plastic base saddle will not really wear out. It might fail due to cracks, bent rails, worn-through cover, damaged foam/gel, or such, but as long as it maintains its integrity then you can keep riding it.

Can you change a bike saddle?

If your saddle has superficial cracks, creaks when you use it or has suddenly become uncomfortable, that means it's time to replace it… 4) A new saddle can rejuvenate an old bike: if your bike is a few years old, a quick way to give it a "refresh" is to swap the saddle.

Does bike saddle pain go away?

If you catch them early, they typically go away after a few days off the bike, but deeper sores may take few weeks, he says.

How high should bike saddle be?

There are various formulas for determining saddle height, but you needn’t be a mathematician to achieve the correct height. Your knees should be slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke, and...

How to adjust a bike saddle?

How to Perfectly Adjust Your Saddle 1. Step One (Put your Cycling Gear on) First off, you will want to check the height of your seat to give yourself a... 2. Step Two (Checking Saddle Height for a Baseline) Next, set yourself up on your bike so that you’re seated on the... 3. Step Three (Making the ...

How to adjust bike saddle height?

How to use an app to determine your saddle height Leave the ‘heel method’ in the rear-view mirror and try putting your foot on the pedal as you would when riding. If this means clipping into...

How to avoid bike saddle soreness?

Emollient/Chamois Cream: You apply chamois cream directly to the pad in your shorts and to your perineum before riding and, although it might initially feel a little strange and squishy, its effectiveness in preventing saddle soreness is almost miraculous. It reduces friction, hydrates the skin and prevents cracking.

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