How do you visit wheeler geologic area?

Brycen Collier asked a question: How do you visit wheeler geologic area?
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To get to Wheeler, take Colorado 149 southeast from Creede (about 7 miles) or northeast from South Fork (about 14 miles) to the Wagon Wheel Gap Interpretive Center (after you pass through the actual gap, if coming from South Fork).


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🚗 Is wheeler geologic area accessable?

Wheeler Geologic Area is part of the La Garita Wilderness, within this area you will find many trails, some nearby peaks over 13,000 ft and expansive views. Located near the old mining town of Creede, CO, Wheeler is accessible by a 7 mile hike or a grueling 14 mile four wheel drive road.

🚗 How do you access wheeler geologic area?

Area Status: Open

Located near the old mining town of Creede, CO, Wheeler is accessible by a 7 mile hike or a grueling 14 mile four wheel drive road. Your efforts are rewarded by views of a remarkable geologic formation of moderately coarse volcanic tuff eroded into many different shapes.

🚗 How to get to wheeler geologic area?

What are some geologic events?

  • Volcanic eruptions, sea-floor spreading, mudslides, and avalanches are all examples of geologic events as well. There were specific large scale events that caused extinction events and/or totally reshaped the landscape throughout time, which are pretty interesting to learn about.

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