How do i raise my motorcycle suspension?

Roderick O'Conner asked a question: How do i raise my motorcycle suspension?
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Raising front suspension is achieved by pulling out the fork legs from upper triple clamps. This results in increase in castor angle, higher trail ratio, slight increase in wheel base, higher seat height & higher center of gravity.


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🚗 Motorcycle air suspension?

  • The air suspension is popular among many motorcycle enthusiasts for obvious reasons. It has its drawbacks, but the advantages you get lead many motorcyclists to use the air suspension. Its operation is based on compressed air, which is supplied by the compressor to the air springs.

🚗 Top motorcycle suspension brands?

  • Possibly the most trusted name in motorcycle suspension, Ohlins has built quite the reputation as being the premier suspension specialist throughout the world. It also helps when almost the entire MotoGP paddock uses your components.

🚗 Do motorcycle trailers have suspension?

  • Let’s talk about the motorcycle trailer suspensions for a quick minute. 20-30% of you motorcycle’s cost goes into a high quality, high performance, and smooth riding suspension. You maintain the shocks, bearings, and everything that goes into owning and riding smooth ride.

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How can i improve my motorcycle suspension?

A stand or lift can also make the job a bit easier to complete, especially for heavy bikes. Start by fully extending the rear suspension. You can do this by lifting the bike by hand if it is light enough, tipping it onto the side stand or by using a lift.

How do i adjust my motorcycle suspension?

Start by winding the adjustment knob below the spring all the way in (clockwise) and then all the way out, counting the number of “clicks” as you go. Half way is a good place to start, so wind back in half the number of clicks. Fine adjustment will then depend on the type of bike, riding style and terrain.

How do you adjust motorcycle suspension height?

1 Setting the spring preload or “sag”

Check swing arm and wheel bearings/bushes to ensure there is no wear. Lift the rear of the bike until the suspension is completely extended. Take a measurement from the axle to a point directly above on the rear sub frame. Let the bike down on its suspension and measure again.

How often should you service motorcycle suspension?

Service time

As a general rule, a race bike should be seeing a full service on its suspension approximately every 20 hours. A track rider would get away with the minimum of an annual service.

How to raise front forks on motorcycle?

What happens when you raise the front fork on a motorcycle?

  • But raising the front fork by the same amount will do just the opposite, increasing rake and wheelbase. This results in more stability, especially at higher speeds, at the cost of increased effort to initiate and maintain a turn.
Can you adjust the suspension on a motorcycle?
  • With all that in mind, there isn't one right group of settings to adjust your motorcycle suspension to run. As said, what you need out of your suspension will depend on how you settle onto your bike, and the ways you want to ride it.
Can you put air suspension on a motorcycle?

Air suspension kits involve installing an air suspension system on your bike. An air suspension system uses inflatable air springs and air to raise or lower the bike to your preferred height. When raised, you can experience a smoother ride.

How do i set up my motorcycle suspension?
  1. Write everything down…
  2. Set sag on front forks…
  3. Adjusting the front preload…
  4. Adjusting your front compression…
  5. Adjusting your front rebound…
  6. Set sag on rear shock…
  7. Adjusting your rear rebound…
  8. High/low-speed compression.
How do you adjust a motorcycle rear suspension?

To adjust the preload on your bike's rear shock, you will need a C-spanner to loosen the top locking ring and spin it up the shock to gain access to the adjuster ring. If you want to increase preload so the spring has less travel and to make the bike feel stiffer, turn the adjuster ring clockwise.

How does damping work on a motorcycle suspension?
  • Damping is the process by which suspension movement is controlled. As a wheel hits a bump, compression damping circuits control the rate of suspension travel as oil moves through valves. Then, when a suspension hit loses its energy, the spring wants to push back and extend its stroke.
How does suspension sag work on a motorcycle?
  • Suspension sag can be adjusted by adding or removing spring preload on your shock. Motorcycle suspension is designed to be ridden with about 30% of the overall travel used when the rider and luggage are added to the bike.
How to adjust motorcycle suspension to your weight?

Do you need to adjust the suspension on a motorcycle?

  • When the suspension is on the right settings, you won't feel much of those hits. When it's not, you'll likely find yourself having an uncomfortable ride that doesn't handle as well as you want it to do. Adjusting to height and weight is also essential.
What does aps stand for in motorcycle suspension?
  • This option labeled "APS" is a completely different design than current systems being used. The name refers to Advanced Progressive System which allows for multiple rates of compression damping. Super plush initial travel, yet gradually stiffer through the stroke with incredible resistance to bottoming.
What kind of suspension does a motorcycle have?
  • The typical motorcycle has a pair of fork tubes for the front suspension, and a swingarm with one or two shock absorbers for the rear suspension. The most common form of front suspension for a modern motorcycle is the telescopic fork.
When did ohlins start making motorcycle suspension products?
  • Motorcycle suspension A Passion for Motorcycle Performance Öhlins Racing AB began in 1976 as a motocross racing suspension company. True to our roots, we remain a racing suspension company to this day. Our suspension is now improving the ride and performance of motorcycles of all types:...
Which is the best suspension for a motorcycle?
  • High performance motorcycle suspension, including shocks and springs for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Progressive suspension is the best way to lower your motorcycle.
Can you raise the height of a motorcycle?

More and more of today's motorcycles are equipped with adjustable suspension, which provides provisions to increase ride height through spring preload, or the preset amount of compression placed on the fork or shock absorber's spring.

How to raise seat height on a motorcycle?

How tall should the seat be on a motorcycle?

  • There are three simple things you can do right now to adjust the height of your motorcycle seat. Unless you ride a cruiser or a small displacement bike you’re likely looking at a seat height of around 31 inches, or even close to 33 inches.
Is there a way to raise a motorcycle?
  • Some motorcycles, such as KTM Adventure models, come in two different versions; one has a taller suspension than the other. The suspension parts, which are unique to the taller model, can be used to modify a lower model if that is what one has. Other ways to raise a bike are to use slightly longer shocks and longer, stiffer springs.
What is a pivot rear suspension on a motorcycle?
  • Rear Suspension. The rear frame triangle, which holds the rear wheel, will have one or more pivot points to enable the wheel to travel through a range of motion. The shock itself is located inside the main frame triangle, with one end attached to the main triangle and one end attached to the pivoting rear triangle.
What kind of air suspension does a motorcycle use?
  • Click on the image above to see Arnott Air Suspension in action. Exceptional Ride Comfort: Unlike stock shocks, Arnott’s adjustable air springs and custom-tuned dampers provide superior ride comfort, safety and luxury.