How can i convince my dad to buy me a bike?

Sandrine Schmeler asked a question: How can i convince my dad to buy me a bike?
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Involve him in the decision.

Pick 3-5 bikes you'd be willing to own (and can afford), and present them before Dad with the pros and cons (and costs) of each bike. Also, ask him what he would choose, but be sure to let him know which bike makes your pulse race. And no, don't make the Hayabusa part of the selection.

  • Involve him in the decision. Yes, you have your heart set on a black and orange vintage Honda CB750, but you want dear old Dad to feel included in the selection process. Pick 3-5 bikes you'd be willing to own (and can afford), and present them before Dad with the pros and cons (and costs) of each bike.


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🚗 How to convince parents for bike?

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Bike? So before approaching, you have to consider a few important concerns. Your parents or guardians earning, your age, your necessity, how you can be supportive by your bike, surrounding social circumstances, etc. should take into serious consideration.. Again, perhaps your parents or guardians are not financially capable enough.

🚗 How do you convince your parents to get you a bike?

Show your concern about safety,talk to your dad and explain him about safety gears such as helmets,riding jackets etc. The next thing you need to do is to take your dad to a test ride on any bike gain his trust by showing that you can ride properly. Follow all traffic rules and stuff.

🚗 How do i convince my parents to let me get a dirt bike?

  1. Pay for the bike yourself. There are a lot of ways you can do this…
  2. Have good grades. Impress your parents with your school performances…
  3. Read your books and other stuffs that will enhance and that is beneficial for you…
  4. Take more classes at dirt bike riding schools.

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Can any bike be a touring bike?

Types of Bikes for Bike Touring

People commonly use road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. But there are reasons why bikes designed specifically for touring exist: They are purposefully made to be durable, comfortable and stable while carrying lots of gear over very long distances.

Does a bike trainer damage your bike?
  • Another type of damage your bike can undergo in a trainer is increased tire wear on the rear tire for resistance trainers and on both tires for rollers. Lastly, if you tend to sweat a lot during your indoor bike trainer sessions, the sweat can drip over the bike's components and corrode them because of sweat's salt content.
How to convert bike to stationary bike?

Converting a Bicycle to a Stationary Bike: What’s the Best Way? What a bike trainer essentially does is to clamp onto your bike through its wheels. Allowing for it to convert your bike to a stationary bike.

Is a diamondback bike a good bike?

Being one of the top brands, they are often on the top list of most bikers and enthusiasts. The products they offer range from low to mid-priced bicycles. However, they also have high-end bicycle models. Despite the affordable price, Diamondback bikes are made from high-quality materials and durable construction.

Is foldable bike faster than mountain bike?

That is true for road bikes or hybrid bikes vs mountain bikes. However, when it comes to mountain bikes vs folding bicycles (a good, well-equipped parts folding bike of course), a folding bike will always be faster in terms of speed and acceleration.

Is the cyclotron bike a hubless bike?
  • Cyclotron Cycles is raising funds for THE CYCLOTRON BIKE - Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle on Kickstarter! World's First Hubless Smart Bicycle - Electronic E-Gear Box - Fully Integrated - Space Grade Carbon Fiber - iPhone & Android App Kickstarter Share this project Done Tweet Share Email Share this project Done Tweet Share Email
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Just How Fast Is It? It is not the fastest bike for climbing: that award currently goes to the Specialized Tarmac Pro with Lightweight wheels. And it's not faster than a TT bike if you're doing a solo effort (no drafting) on flat or rolling roads.

What is a downhill bike park bike?
  • Like skiing, downhill bike park riding is seasonal, and you can find great deals when the lifts aren’t running. Most downhill bikes are going to have around 180-200mm of travel. They will generally use dual-crown forks because the additional upper crown adds stiffness for better control on rough trails and during impacts.
What's better mach bike or acro bike?

Getting a Bike in Pokemon Emerald… He'll offer you one of two bikes — the Mach Bike, or the Acro Bike. The Mach Bike is faster, but won't allow you to do tricks on it, and is generally more difficult to control. The Acro Bike is slower, but allows you to do tricks and is easier to control and steer around obstacles.

Can a dirt bike jump a mountain bike?
  • A typical subset of mountain biking called dirt biking shows cyclists doing numerous jumps and tricks, throwing their bikes off-ramps made of compressed earth. At this point, several wish to study how to jump a mountain bike.
Can a fat bike be your only bike?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but you need to be realistic about what a fat bike can do well and what it's not ideal for. First off most fat bikes are rigid… That will change in the next year or two, but for now you are most likely going to be riding a fully rigid fat bike.

Can a mountain bike be a hybrid bike?
  • This is the generally accepted classification but there are statements that say a hybrid bike is anything in-between a road bike and a mountain bike. So, It is just a matter of how close the bike is to either the road bike or the mountain bike.
Can you mountain bike with a gravel bike?

Gravel bikes can be converted to use a mountain bike drivetrain (e.g., SRAM AXS allows for a “mullet” set-up using the 10-50t mountain cassette). But most mountain bikes don't have enough clearance to fit the larger chainrings of gravel bike drivetrains and top-end speed will always be limited compared to gravel bikes.

How do bike reflectors attach to a bike?
  • There are a variety of ways reflectors attach to your bicycle, but you’ll find some common methods, such as straps, bolts and plugged grooves. Front and back reflectors usually have a bracket that fits around a stem or handlebar.
How to attach clevr bike trailer to bike?

How to connect your bicycle trailer, bike trailer, child trailer, canoe trailer, kayak trailer, special needs trailer, dog trailer, pet trailer or cargo trai...

How to convert normal bike into electric bike?

For a basic electric bike conversion kit, this can take as little as 5 minutes. First, remove your old wheel and then fix the electric bike wheel and motor to the front (or rear) forks. Remember to fit any included washers or nuts into place. Then, tighten the axle nuts, which use a standard 3/8” wrench.

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  • The best electric bicycles for adults 2019 is the Ancheer folding mountain bike. This is a 26 inch mountain bike with a lithium ion battery and it can be folded away for easy storage.
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Using a tape measure, start measuring from the ground to the highest point of your head. The ...

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  • The Best Car Bike Rack Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack. Some bike racks seem big enough to carry the space shuttle… Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack. The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 is the Audi of bike racks; a beautifully engineered, high performance example of what can be ... Thule UpRide Universal Bike Rack… Swagman Upright Roof Mount Bike Rack… More items...
How to put women's bike on bike rack?
  • To put a women’s bike on a bike rack with the adapters, you first have to install the adapter bar. Just fit your adapter bar to join the seat post and the handlebar stem. The installation of the bike after this should go as usual and fairly easy.
How to rent a bike from citi bike?
  • Here's how: Open the Citi Bike app and tap the Group Ride icon on the map. Select the station you want to rent from and tap "Purchase". Tap "Unlock Bikes" and enter the code to unlock your own bike. Share the code with your friend to unlock their bike (they'll all use the same code). Happy riding!
Is a mongose bike a good bmx bike?


Is the canyon xc bike a good bike?
  • (Yeah i know this is more of a roadie forum, but hopefully the aftersales service bit will be helpful to riders of all types!) The bike was well priced, arrived quickly, and didnt require too much building, and as hoped it was a good looking and initially good performing XC bike.
Is the hyosung bike a good looking bike?
  • It's an awesome bike, but no one knows the Hyosung name and if you looking for a bike to hang out with the local riders at the coffee shop, yeah this one will get some attention. Not for the fact that it's a sweet looking bike, but people will be baffled at the brand name. Hyo-who? Yeah I get that a lot. On the road it is smooth.
Is the ninja 650r bike a good bike?
  • The Ninja 650R has a relatively good reputation in the bike world. However, many owners become disgruntled when their brand-new 650R begins showing signs of inferior craftsmanship.