Does instep bike trailer come coupler?

Helene Jaskolski asked a question: Does instep bike trailer come coupler?
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Schwinn and InStep Bike Trailer Coupler

This is the part that you need to connect your Schwinn or InStep trailer to your bike… All trailers come with a coupler but it can be helpful to have spare installed on additional adult bikes, so riders can take turns pulling.


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🚗 Can a instep trailer fit a mountain bike?

  • The coupler that came with my InStep trailer did not fit on my Trek X-Caliber 8 mountain bike. This coupler fits just fine, and there is actually a little room and clears that area just fine. I was glad this fits and that I did not have to make a custom coupler!

🚗 How to attach instep bike trailer to bicycle?

  • How to attach Instep bike trailer to bicycle 1. Flip open the quick-release lever, and remove the nut and spring from the opposite side. 2. Hold the lever and pull the axle skewer with spring out. 3. Completely remove the skewer but leave the wheel in place. 4. Slide the coupler plate and tab washer ...

🚗 Do you need a coupler for a bike trailer?

  • Click the button below to add the Bicycle Trailer Coupler to your wish list. Use this coupler to attach your Instep or Schwinn Trailer to almost any bike. It is a great addition to your family bikes, so you do not need to remove the coupler from dad's bike, if your mom wants to pull the trailer with her bike.

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