Do motorcycles use normal gas?

Nellie Towne asked a question: Do motorcycles use normal gas?
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  • Motorcycles with lower compression ratios can use regular fuel. Using a higher octane fuel will not make your motorcycle faster or more powerful. A newer Harley is going to take premium, while your 70s-80s Honda or Kawasaki is probably fine with regular gas.

Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend owners to use pure gasoline in their motorcycles. Unleaded fuel provides the best performance and efficiency in all motorcycle ratings. You will definitely be able to tell the difference when you are riding with this type of fuel.


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In 1970 leaded gas was banned and gradually phased out. This means that motorcycles (and other types of vehicles) produced after that period were designed to use unleaded gas. They were built with hardened valve seats, which did not require lead in the fuel anymore. Overall unleaded fuel is the norm today, and motorcycles are built to use it.

So what kind of gas do motorcycles use? The kind of gas motorcycles should use is ethanol-free higher octane gasoline (no less than a 91 rating). Motorcycles are considered to have high compression engines which is something that requires high octane. Ethanol is an additive in gas that is used to boost the octane but it can eventually clog up motorcycle carburetors.

Most motorcycle manufacturers urge owners to use pure gasoline in their motorcycles. At least one motorcycle maker, Ducati, considers ethanol to be a gas additive and its use voids the cycle’s warranty. Harley Davidson and Suzuki, also tell their bike owners that regular unleaded gasoline is the best choice for their engines.

Proper feeding of the wild motorcycle can often prove a daunting task. Photo by Lemmy. Effectively, race gas offers more choices and more consistency, allowing enterprising custom engine builders and tuners to whittle down allowances they might have to leave in for lower quality fuel (or fuel of unknown quality).

The motorcycles use between 2,8 and 5,7 litres fuel per 100 kilometres with an average of 4,4 l/100km. The petrol cars used between 6,5 and 9,1 l/100km with an average of 7,6 l/100km and the Diesel cars used between 4,9 and 6,6 l/100km with an average of 5,6 l/100km. In real-life the motorbike uses over 1 l/100km less than a Diesel car and over 3 l/100km less than petrol cars.

There are two major hurdles to improving fuel economy from a motorcycle: Aerodynamics and weight. AERO. The most aerodynamic motorcycles have fairings, which are becoming less “fashionable”. Sales of faired sports bikes are on the wane, while there is growth in cruisers, naked bikes and adventure bikes which are not faired.

Why Is My Motorcycle Using So Much Gas. Image: The reason that a motorbike uses a lot of petrol is usually due to a mechanical or adjustment problem. If you maintain your motorbike well and use parts recommended by the manufacturer when making replacements, you should have no problems.

Suzuki Impulse - 29km/litre (80km/h max on normal road riding) Suzuki SV400S - 26-29km/litre (normal riding) Suzuki Intruder 400 - 18-19km/litre Suzuki Intruder VL125 - 20-25km/litre suzuki raider j - 35-40 km per liter (on a stop and go traffic) SUZUKI RAIDER R150 (2008 MODEL) - 43-45km/L YAMAHA: Yamaha XJ900S Diversion - 15-19km/litre

We can start by dispelling the myth of motorcycles conserving gas. First, I don’t know where this bit about “100 miles a gallon” came from. Maybe the first small machines made decades ago approached this figure. But the best fuel efficiency offered by any major manufacturer’s make these days is the Honda Rebel, at 84 mpg. While that is nothing to sneeze about, it requires you to entrust your well-being to a 234 cc engine, which Honda somehow liberally rounds up to 250.

Is it safe to use E10 fuel in my motorcycle? If you ride an older bike this may cause issues, but most modern machines are perfectly capable of running on E10.

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