Can you put an interlock on a motorcycle?

Jackson Windler asked a question: Can you put an interlock on a motorcycle?
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The simple answer is yes. However, not all manufacturers and vendors provide interlock devices for motorcycles or have the tools to modify a car breathalyzer for a motorcycle… Many state laws have adapted to include the use of ignition interlock devices for even first-time DUI offenses.


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🚗 Can you put interlock motorcycle?

The simple answer is yes. However, not all manufacturers and vendors provide interlock devices for motorcycles or have the tools to modify a car breathalyzer for a motorcycle. The market for motorcycle ignition interlock devices is relatively small.

🚗 What is an interlock motorcycle device?

  • Draeger US Interlock motorcycle devices are discrete and designed to keep your personal life private. We aim to make your safety our top priority while minimizing your exposure. Our sleek black design with a rear-mounted mouthpiece keeps your IID out of the way.

🚗 Can a motorcycle ignition interlock be installed on a motorcycle?

  • If you are convicted of DUI and required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, once you have the IID installed, you are free to drive that IID-equipped vehicle only. The ignition interlock restricted license does not allow you to drive your motorcycle for the duration of the program.

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The simple answer is yes. However, not all manufacturers and vendors provide interlock devices for motorcycles or have the tools to modify a car breathalyzer for a motorcycle. The market for motorcycle ignition interlock devices is relatively small.

While ALCOLOCK does not install ignition interlock devices on motorcycles, we can help you with installation on other motor vehicles. If you need to get an ignition interlock device installed in your car, truck, or van, just call your nearest ignition interlock device installation location, or call ALCOLOCK directly at 866-700-9300 to schedule your IID installation.

Can You Interlock A Motorcycle? Yes, ignition interlock can be installed on a motorcycle but it is meant for a car, so it may be a little awkward installing it and it may look unprofessional on your bike. Some ignition interlock service companies may tell you they don’t want to do it, so if you really want it on your motorcycle, you may have to ask ...

It throws off the balance of the motorcycle and they are not meant to be installed on motorcycles. You are not going to hear the beeping that occurs due to this ignition interlock devices when they are on a motorcycle. They are just a huge liability and so realistically you are not going to have one installed on the motorcycle.

Laws for Ignition Interlock Devices on Motorcycles. Most ignition interlock devices are ordered by a court or licensing agency after a DUI offense, though some drivers choose to voluntarily install IIDs into their vehicles. However, there is no national standard for installing ignition interlock devices on motorcycles after being charged with a DUI.

Other states prohibit the installation of motorcycles unless you can prove it’s your only mode of transportation. Take a look at your state’s ignition interlock laws to see if a motorcycle ignition interlock will work for you. Draeger US Interlock can install a device on any motor vehicle approved by your state and has locations nationwide.

Ignition interlock devices can also be installed on motorcycles. 6 Arizona law does require an ignition interlock to be installed on any motor vehicle if your sentence requires such. A.R.S. §§ 28-1381(I)(6), 28-1382(D)(5). You need to install an ignition interlock on every vehicle that you operate, which includes motorcycles.

Yes, You Must Install One On Your Bike If you have an ignition interlock requirement in North Carolina, the mandate applies to all vehicles registered to you. So if you have, say, a car and a motorcycle registered in your name, you must put an interlock on both if you intend to use both.

We’re talking about cars, trucks, SUVs and even commercial vehicles. We do not install our devices on motorcycles. State interlock device laws vary, so you will want to check with your DUI lawyer and local jurisdiction to make sure you are in compliance with the interlock device requirements. Will the Ignition Interlock Device Drain My Battery?

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