Can i sue a truck driver?

Monty Kuhlman asked a question: Can i sue a truck driver?
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  • In some cases, you may be able to sue the at-fault truck driver’s employer, the driver, another third party, or all the above. The first step in any truck accident lawsuit is determining who is liable for the accident.


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I’m neither a truck or bus driver but the truck drivers I deal with at work do long days, do lots of heavy lifting, pushing, pulling and quite are few are only casuals. I guess all depends on the company you work for, the age of their fleet, working conditions, pay, that sort of thing. The bus drivers Ive met/known loved the job.

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  • Disabled truck drivers are common in the United States. Some drivers have always had a disability and became truckers while disabled. Other drivers became disabled while already working as truck drivers, either through job-related accidents or otherwise. These drivers had to retrain to be able to drive with their new disability.

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So when a truck driver injures someone in the course of doing their job, both the driver and the company can be sued. Who to Sue Isn't Quite as Simple as It Seems The rules outlined above cover the most common relationship of a trucker involved in a serious crash, a trucker who is employed by a trucking company.

Under the law of vicarious liability, accident victims can sue truck drivers’ companies for all types of driving mistakes. If the truck driver would be liable had he or she not been working, the trucking company can be held vicariously liable for the accident. So, accident victims can pursue vicarious liability claims in cases involving:

You can sue a trucking company for damages if the driver is considered an employee of the business rather than an independent contractor. A driver is considered an employee of the trucking company if the company controls the work of the employee, including what will be done and how.

You may be able to sue the driver of the commercial vehicle, if the driver is the person responsible for causing the accident. There are a number of parties who may be responsible for the negligence that leads to the causes of truck accidents. These parties include: Truck drivers; Trucking companies; Architects of a dangerous roadways

If the truck driver was at fault, then you may sue their employer. Depending on the outcome of your attorney’s investigation, you may also sue other parties, such as the maintenance provider, loader, or a parts manufacturer. Let Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help You

You can sue a truck driver’s company for your injuries if the driver is responsible for the accident. Trucking companies generally have insurance companies and lawyers protecting their best interests in personal injury cases. To protect yours, it is important to secure legal representation without delay.

If the driver (or owner) of the car or truck that caused your accident does not have bodily injury liability insurance or was underinsured, you can make a claim against the bodily injury liability coverage of a resident relative(s) of the driver of the adverse vehicle if the adverse driver was not driving a vehicle that he/she owned at the time of the crash.

You can sue both the driver and the driver’s employer, if the driver is an employee of a trucking company. If the driver is an independent contractor, he presumably has fewer assets with which to compensate you and you may need legal assistance help you determine the best course of action.

The plaintiff can sue the driver (or the driver's employer) as well as the manufacturer. If it's unclear just how much fault each party bears, the manufacturer could be required to pay its own share plus whatever amount the driver can't pay if he or she doesn't have sufficient insurance to cover the plaintiff's losses.

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However, the CDL requirements for a box truck are actually based on the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which can change from truck to truck. Box trucks that have a GVWR of less than 26,000 pounds do not require a CDL holder to drive them.

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Per mile$0.49
Per week$1,183
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Per year$47,306
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Central Concrete Supply Co, Inc. Concrete Truck Driver salaries - 1 salaries reported$19/hr
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  • Satisfactory physical exam results every 2 years is required. Successful comprehensive road test in company equipment required. 4 years tractor-trailer combination driving experience required. 3 years clean driving abstract required. Split-axle experience preferred. Knowledge of cargo loading and securing practices required.
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Their duties include emptying dumpsters, storing trucks and equipment safely, maintaining pick-up records, performing truck cleaning, reporting repair requirements, identifying malfunctions, and following a scheduled route.