Can a gooaeneck be added ro a truck?

Charley Boehm asked a question: Can a gooaeneck be added ro a truck?
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Can you fit a gooseneck trailer to a truck?

  • Fortunately, whether you’re looking to buy a new truck or trailer or you just need to fit a gooseneck to your truck, there are a number of “dos and don’ts” that can help you get the right gooseneck trailer clearance and stay safe on the road, without denting the sides or tailgate of your truck.


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Yes, you can haul more with a GN as the weight is better distributed onto the truck. They are also safer from a pure geometric standpoint - a GN or 5th wheel trailer is virtually impossible to sway providing the truck towing it is properly sized.

Unlike standard ball hitches, gooseneck hitches are mounted inside the bed of a truck, in front of the rear axle, with the ball protruding from the truck bed. The installation of a gooseneck hitch requires that at least one hole be drilled into your truck bed. Still, many drivers find the alterations worth the effort to tow larger loads.

Knowing the bed length of your truck and whether its a 1500, 2500 or 3500 would be helpful. Knowing what you have existing in your truck bed would be helpful. If you have a gooseneck hitch installed, I will need to know the manufacturer and model number of the hitch. The more information you can provide, the better.

“There are many opinions on this topic, however typically the gooseneck ball will be mounted directly over the center line of the axle or slightly forward. The exception to this is when a hitch manufacture has to work around the structure of the truck.

Your gooseneck trailer should have GVWR capacity listed on it as well so you will be restricted to that number even if your truck is able to tow more. On the other side, if your trailer is rated for more than your truck, you will need to stay within the truck's rated capacity.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 28, 2016 (Edited) After parting out my other f-350, the only truck I have with gooseneck hitch is my superduty, and I've always been a firm believer in redundancy. I need to redo the floor on my dump truck, and I'd like to add a GN to it.

I recommend the Hide-A-Goose Underbed Gooseneck Trailer part # 9465-37 (2004-2014 Ford F-150) or part # 9465-91 (2015 -2019) which is a bolt-on fit that does not require any drilling into the truck frame. Then in order to gain turning clearance you will want to add the B&W Extend-A-Goose Gooseneck Coupler part # BWTEXA4200 to your trailer.

Since goosenecks are rated for really heavy loads, first things first is to make sure your tow vehicle has the towing capacity to handle the load. There is no “best truck for pulling a gooseneck trailer” but your tow vehicle should obviously have the capability to safely tow the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer.

According to its owner's manual, the boat weighs 5,000 pounds (2,267 kilograms) -- and that's without the added weight of the equipment and food you plan to stow away. After consulting your truck's owner's manual, you discover -- much to your dismay -- that the vehicle's towing capacity maxes out at 4,000 pounds (1,814 kilograms). But if you think you can remedy the problem by boosting the truck's towing capacity, you're out of luck.

Details. This under the bed crossmember package is required when adding a Ford 5th Wheel or Gooseneck Hitch Kit. Designed specifically for your Super Duty, kit includes Inner and Outer Frame L-Brackets; under bed Hitch Crossmember; all required hardware; Bed Mount 7-pin Wire Harness and Trim Kit. Available for 6.75’ or 8’ bed lengths.

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