Are wheelies bad for dirt bikes?

Deven Morissette asked a question: Are wheelies bad for dirt bikes?
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As a rule, wheelies aren't bad for your bike, but bad wheelies are… Bad wheelies like that are torturing your clutch and causing excess wear on the friction plates and clutch basket, shock-loading your chain and sprockets, and hammering your fork.


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Well, there is no reason why a BMX bike is not good for wheelies. Because performing wheelies are the specialty of BMX bikes. And these bikes are manufactured specifically for performing wheelies. These bikes absolutely can endure rough riding.

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🚗 Are wheelies bad for your dirt bike?

Some pop wheelies using the combination of clutch and sudden throttle twist, while others with more powerful bikes simply do power wheelies… So is wheeling harmful to the bike or not? The answer is, it's not really harmful if done the right way but it may prove to be bad for the engine if done like a rookie.

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Are wheelies bad for dirt bikes? As a rule, wheelies aren’t bad for your bike, but bad wheelies are. Bad wheelies like that are torturing your clutch and causing excess wear on the friction plates and clutch basket, shock-loading your chain and sprockets, and hammering your fork. Can you wheelie a stock Grom?

Are wheelies bad for your dirt bike? As a rule, wheelies aren’t bad for your bike, but bad wheelies are. Bad wheelies like that are torturing your clutch and causing excess wear on the friction plates and clutch basket, shock-loading your chain and sprockets, and hammering your fork.

Is it hard to wheelie a dirt bike? The short answer is that doing a wheelie is not very hard. It’s just a matter of balance. All you have to do is scoot back on the bike so the weight is toward the rear wheel, get into a gear where you can really pop the throttle, and then pop the throttle very fast. This sends the front wheel flying upward.

I drive a CRF230, I do a lot of wheelies using my clutch & there usually about 300ft long in second gear, I probably do about 100 wheelies a weekend, other then the chain & having to replace the clutch cable every now and again am I hurting my bike?

Wheelies are bad for your motorcycle, especially those bad wheelies. I’m talking about sloppy jerky wheelies where you’re revving the engine out and dropping the clutch to get the front end up, and then either chopping the throttle or, worse yet, riding it after the rev limiter and slamming the front end down.

"Bad for the motorcycle" implies an assumption even as the question is asked. Generally, I think wheelies stress the frame and other parts (especially the chain, etc) of many street motorcycles in ways they were not designed to be ridden. On a more personal note, I "flipped" a dirt bike in high school and narrowly avoided serious injuries.

No, clutching up wheelies isn't bad for your clutch. Its incredible how much abuse a dirt bike clutch can take. Using the clutch to do a wheelie is the "right" way to do a wheelie. It is more consistent than powering them up.

Dont even try to learn on a road bike, thats what dirt bikes are for. Only once you have mastered the art of dirt bike wheelies should you consider road bike wheelies. And as T suggests you will crash. Ozsyd600

Being able to do wheelies on a dirt bike isn’t just fun and badass, it can get you over and through some difficult environments. If you’re trail riding, you’ll be able to raise the front wheel up to get over obstacles, cross shallow water and challenge jagged terrain.

I'm back again learning my dirt bike wheelies. My wheelie progression is coming along ok. Still a lot to learn and practice. It's all about training and putt...

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