2 guys and a truck cost?

Armani Daugherty asked a question: 2 guys and a truck cost?
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  • 4. Understanding the Rates of Two Men and a Truck Moving men and a truck will cost between $80-$100 per hour. Yet, this rate can vary depending on your move. Keep in mind that each extra man will tack between $38-$52 more per hour* onto your moving costs.


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When it comes to how much a move will cost, each TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® location is independently owned and operated, which means they set their own moving rates. Generally, local moving services are charged by the hour, while long-distance moves are charged by the weight of the move and miles driven.

Two Men and one Truck – Prices & Tips. How much does 2 men and one truck cost? Every moving company provides different pricing for the possibility to hire from them two guys and a truck. What does it cost: on an average you can expect to be asked to pay between around $80 – $100/ hour. If you wish to hire three men with a truck the price can go up with $15 – $20 and this is cost for an hour.

How much does 2 men and a truck cost? Every moving company provides different pricing for the possibility to hire from them two guys and a truck. What does it cost: on an average you can expect to be asked to pay between around $80 - $100/ hour. What is the cheapest moving company? Following is the List of 10 Best Affordable and Cheap Moving ...

Most TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises charge by weight and mileage for long-distance moves, so the distance you’re moving and the weight of your shipment are what dictate your price. According to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK website, a few additional factors may affect your price: Flights of stairs

How much is 75 minutes at Two Men and a Truck? First 75 Minutes (Per Person) – $19.00 Every 15 Minutes (after the initial 75 minutes) – Per Person – $5.00

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Rates. Costs for movers may vary slightly and prices typically depend on region of the country you’re looking to move to. Many companies charge an hourly rate for local moves, often requiring a one or two-hour minimum. Long-distance moves are regulated, and will often be based on weight and miles.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the fastest-growing franchised moving company in the country and offers comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by customizing our moving services to fit specific needs.

1-2 bedroom unit. 2-3 bedrooms. 4+ bedrooms. Weekdays: $130 Per Hour. $160 Per Hour. $190 Per Hour. $290 Per Hour. Weekends: $140 Per Hour. $180 Per Hour. $220 Per Hour. $340 Per Hour *

We are providing people with an affordable 2 men and a Truck rates, so to make sure that their removals could be carried out in a much satisfying way. Our removalists services do not end at furniture relocations, but our Two Men and a truck removals aims to provide a series of other services that end up benefiting the customers throughout their removals journey making them feel relaxed and stress-free.

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